Saturday, January 4, 2020

Reptilians Living Among Us?

Written by Alberta Parish

One year ago, I was a Christian living in a bubble. Nothing could penetrate this self-imposed bubble. I thought there was a god looking down upon me and watching over all of us like a loving parent. I thought I was chosen by god. I thought the world was moving according to biblical prophecy and nothing could be further from the truth. Yet, it all seemed so real to me, and I was willing to die believing it. As a former Christian, I also lived in constant fear...fear of an early death, fear of suffering from a fatal disease, fear of sickness, fear of other people, fear of not going to Heaven after I die or fear of going to a mythical land called Hell and not just any Hell but the one according to the New Testament where so-called wicked souls are daily tormented by the flames and the worms that crawl in them, through them, and out of every orifice of their body. But there's a flaw in this ideology. If they are soulsethereal beings or balls of energy, they're not supposed to have a physical body in the afterlife...a living, physical body that can actually feel pain or fire or any other physical element like worms crawling out of every orifice. Spirits or souls are not supposed to be hungry or thirsty. Physical beings need food, clothing, shelter. Spirits are not supposed to have the same needs as a physical body. If they are spirit beings or balls of energy floating around, they are not supposed to feel a physical element like fire or heat. We don't end up as ethereal beings floating around graves after we die, which is another false concept created by the Catholic Church. 

Let's say hypothetically speaking that we are infinite consciousness having a human experience on Earth, and after this earthly experience is over, we somehow find ourselves living out another consciousness or life form in another dimension. That would mean the other side is just as physical as this side. That means we are NOT actual spirit beings or balls of energy on that other side after we die. We would be physical beings living in another dimension. Not spirits floating around.

The biblical Hell has been described as a physical place! Yet, I was taught by the church that this is a spirit world where ethereal beings (i.e., spirit beings) go after they die if they have not accepted Christ as their lord and savior. Hell has physical elements like fire. Yet, Hell is supposed to be a spirit world where spirit beings or souls 
go to be tormented? Do you see that we've been bamboozled and deceived? If you really read the bible in its complete form and understand the many allegories contained between its pages, you will see that this book is not to be taken as a literal work of history. In so many parts of the bible, there is no historical accuracy. The bible also contains plagiarized stories from earlier sources. Reading the bible will also cause you to realize that these outdated concepts contained in the Old and New Testaments were written during a time when the average person did not have access to these ancient books but relied solely upon what the church leaders told them. A lot of the common ancient folk were very illiterate, and they relied upon the presbyters to interpret the scriptures for them. Like today, many people are illiterate. That is why Christianity is still in existence because many people have taken the bible as a literal historical source and believe that a man called Jesus actually walked the earth.

Biblical writers took a very ancient concept from the Greeks and told us that Hades was a place where wicked and unrepentant souls spend eternity if they do not accept Christ, which they invented to fool and control the masses. They gave you sun worship in the form of a mythical character called Jesus! 

Growing up in a religious organization like Christianity produced a fear-based consciousness in me. Living in constant fear because some religious folk have told you all your life that if you don't do what a god tells you that you will be punished for all eternity. Before I could be free of this mind control programming called Christianity, I had to find a way to relinquish living in constant fear of the Boogeyman

Christianity is a creation of a conglomerate of ancient myths stemming from Sumeria, Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, Persia, Greece, and Rome. Jesus was known in the ancient world as the Sun (not Son) before the Romans took this concept and embodied it in the person of a mythical character called Jesus. In Latin, the name Lucifer meant light-bearer, which became the name for Satan by the 4th Century AD. Before a Christian presbyter named Jerome changed the connotation for Lucifer, this was never a name for Satan. Lucifer was the name for the planet Venus. Like Satan, Jesus in the ancient world was an archetype of sun worship. Like Jesus, Satan is also a mythical character. 

As a self-thinker, I broadened my intelligence and therefore, over the past few months I have examined the very things that I was taught for so long to believe was a reality but in fact is a lie such as the Jesus of scripture who never historically existed. The very instrument that the mythical Jesus died upon represent a symbol of death. The cross goes all the way back to ancient Sumeria, Babylon, and Egypt. But I was taught to believe the cross represent resurrection. Instead, it is an inversion of resurrection, which is death. In fact, all Abrahamic religions are death cults. The very symbols and rituals prevalent in these death cults such as the Holy Eucharist or Holy Communion symbolize the eating of a sacrificed victim, which is an ancient practice going back thousands of years before Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The same rituals exist in modern Satanism. 

Although the Romans were responsible for the spread of Christianity, sun worship was the focal point of their religious rituals for hundreds of years before a Roman imperial family invented Jesus. Sun worship also involved human sacrifice. Thus, the Jesus of scripture was made the sacrificial lamb of God, taken by the authorities and crucified on a cross, which is the same symbolism used in ancient Babylon, Assyria, Persia, Egypt, and various other cultures. Like Satanism, Christian rituals involve the eating and drinking of Jesus' flesh and blood. Even though this is a symbolic gesture, Satanic groups around the world practice human sacrifice. There are thousands upon thousands of children that go missing each year because of these religious and Satanic rituals that go on during each month of the year.

The picture on the left features a mythical Moses and his staff with the serpent.

All seven major world religions have their origin in astrotheology. The
 worship of the serpent is also one of the oldest forms of religion throughout the ancient world. As an offshoot of astrotheology, elements of today's Christianity were also prevalent in religious rituals in ancient KMT (i.e., Egypt). In their quest to understand the nature of life, the early humans looked to the heavens for understanding concerning natural phenomenon. Thus, they revered the sun, moon, stars, and planets as deities and sought to understand how these celestial bodies affect life on Earth. The worship of the serpent and its many symbols can be seen throughout the world. Every major religion has serpent symbolism even Judeo-Christianity and Islam. Everywhere there was serpent worship, symbols are present. According to ancient Gnostic texts, a malevolent force called the Archons came to planet Earth, and created an inversion of the natural order of this planet. The Gnostics said these Archons were like cyborgs (robotic), and they were reptilian in appearance. They gave mankind religion and rituals to dumb us down and also keep us under their control and manipulation. Everything you see happening in the world: wars, chaos, environmental poisoning, murder, rape, child abuse, pedophilia, genocide, famine, pestilence, poverty is an inversion of everything good and inversion of nature. Famine, poverty, pestilence, world wars, etc. is an inversion of life, peace, goodness, kindness, decency, fairness and so forth.

In ancient Sumeria, these Archons were also known as the Anunnaki, the children of Anu. The ancient Gnostics referred to these Archons as deceptive and psychopathic in nature. They possessed no creativity of their own. The Gnostics said they envied humans because we could create something out of nothing. These Archons could only imitate what had already been created. The word that most described the Archons was deception.

The ancient Sumerians also recorded that the Anunnaki were responsible for their civilization, and created them. But they did not create anything! They manipulated the DNA of earlier, primitive humans to engineer an updated version of a human being called Homo Sapiens. They can imitate what has already been created and produce an illusion of what is already in existence. But they cannot create. There was no god that created the universe, because it was already here. The bible states, "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth." However, the bible is a book of fairy tales, plagiarism, deceit, and allegories. There is no IN THE BEGINNING, and there will no ending. The universe just is. The universe has always been here.

Whether you call yourself a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jehovah's Witness, Seventh-Day Adventist, Hebrew Israelite or Jew, you're all worshiping celestial bodies including the Sun and Moon. Jesus is representative of modern-day sun worship. Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Ahaya, Yeshua, Yesha, Jesus, Shiva, Brahma, Narayana, Krishna, Vishnu, Satan, Lucifer, etc., does NOT exist. They're all mythical characters. They're all an illusion. 

The truth is the truth whether you see it or not. The truth will always stand above all lies and fairy tales. It's time to wake up from the dreamworld you've lived in your entire life, and welcome to the real world.

What if one day you looked up and realized that after so many years of your life passing before you that everything you’ve been told was a complete delusion? You have been living in a dreamworld for a long time and believed the official version of events. Then, something happens. You're no longer programmed or wired the same way you were before. The veil has been lifted. Things aren't what they appear, and the present world that exists is a world within a world. 

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  1. Hello, Sis Noble. I've been watching your videos from the past few days, and I can relate to what you went through. I know what it's like to live in fear of "going to hell," being constantly being dragged if you make a mistake, etc. I came from a so-called synagogue called the The Way of Yah (I was there from 2011-18). My experience there is the main reason why I've walked away from religion/religious organizations.