Monday, December 23, 2019

Your God Is Not Good

Written by Alberta Parish

As a former so-called Hebrew Israelite that attended the Gathering of Christ Church for about a year and a few months, I bought wholeheartedly into the ideology that the so-called Negro population in America were descendants of the biblical Hebrew Israelites. This particular camp believed in the divinity of Christ but yet their ideology is based on lies because neither the biblical Jesus of scripture nor Moses historically existed. Even when I stopped attending this camp, I still believed that blacks in America were the descendants of the biblical Israelites. As a former Christian, I went from the Jesus myth to the myth of Hebrew Israelite tribes in the Americas. I went from one fear-based consciousness to another and then returned to the original fear-based consciousness in the traditional Christian church where I'd been a bonafide member in Atlanta and on the outskirts of the city since the late 1980's.

Earlier this year, I walked away from traditional Christianity and the church realizing that I didn't know anything. For years, I thought I knew who god was, thought that I was going to this mythical place, according to the bible called heaven (which is supposed to be the abode of the biblical God Yahweh and his angels). Now, I can truly inform you with a very clear conscience that not only Judeo-Christianity, but its many branches like Mormonism, Southern Baptist, Episcopalian, Unitarianism, Anglicanism, Apostolic, Evangelicals, and further offspring like Jehovah's Witnesses were all designed to control and manipulate keep us all in a bubble of pure illusions so that we cannot and do not see beyond the veil or beyond this third dimension of existence.

News flash: the biblical Israelites did not exist! Not only are the biblical Israelites a mythical people! But the biblical Moses is also a mythical character! Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are ALL mythical characters! There is no archaeological or historical evidence that support the existence of a King Solomon or King David! The biblical Israelite Exodus is also a myth! There was no such thing as an exodus of the Israelites from Egypt! 

I thought I knew it all before my thoughts expanded outside the pages of the bible! For many years, my whole world was the bible, god, my pastor, my Christian brothers and sisters in the church, and ensuring my seat in this kingdom that I had been taught was the place where obedient Christians go after death. But I have come to the conclusion that this heaven is a lie, an illusion, and I have been deceived. This is a cruel trick that has been played on humanity by outside malevolent forces that control this whole so-called reality. The famous Christian network (TBN) has deceived hundreds of millions of people around this planet. Many of those people at this Christian broadcasting network are not who they appear to be. Television has been the driving force behind the mass mind control propaganda that has lulled humanity to sleep.

Refusing to believe the official version of what I'd been taught at these churches for so many years, I expanded my thoughts beyond the pages of the bible. I refused to only believe what I'd been taught in my bubble. The bible is not the oldest book on record. The Enuma Elish is the Babylonian Tablets of Creation, which talks about a race of reptilian extraterrestrials called the Anunnaki who seeded and engineered Homo Sapiens for the purpose of enslaving them. The Epic of Gilgamesh is about a king who met the man that was saved from the flood waters. This man also claimed that the gods gave he and his wife immortality after the flood. The Atrahasis Epic is an 18th Century Akkadian story about a Sumerian king who was saved from the flood waters by the Anunnaki extraterrestrial named Enki who was said to be the chief engineer in the creation of homo sapiens. Nintu was the second engineer in the creation of homo sapiens. Known by other names such as Mammi, according to Sumerian and Babylonian records, she is said to have broken off fourteen clay pieces stemming from a mixture of Anunnaki and Homo Erectus blood to produce seven pairs of human embryos. These first seven males and seven females were later given the ability to reproduce themselves. 

The Anunnaki not only interbred with earlier species on this planet such as the Homo Erectus but after they seeded a new species, Homo Sapiens, they interbred with them. The Sumerians were the result of crossbreeding between not only the primitive humans that were already on the planet but also the newer humans: Homo Sapiens. The biblical Noah was never a real historical person but was loosely based on a Sumerian king, who was an offspring/descendant of the Anunnaki and the early humans. The Sumerian civilization was the direct result of a crossbreeding program by the Anunnaki that was already under full development right up to the flood. Furthermore, this was not a global or worldwide flood. There have been at least five global cataclysms (mass extinctions), which have destroyed earlier and high-technically advanced civilizations. But the Sumerian flood myth (rewritten in Genesis) only involved a regional flood.

Anywhere there has been civilization, there has been technology. These ancient and primitive civilizations had access to technology, which ended up ultimately destroying many of these ancient cultures. Early humans were able to build pyramids like those that stand in Egypt, the Giza Sphinx, Stonehenge, and other huge structures seen all over the world. It took millions of years for primitive humans to evolve from one species to another. But the newer human, Homo Sapiens, came up seemingly over the space of thousands of years? By genetic tinkering and cloning, the Anunnaki produced entire civilizations in the ancient world. They crossbred with these early humans, and many people living today are a result of this crossbreeding. They engineered Homo Sapiens to be their slaves and today, you see this same basic theme around the world in which there are a few controlling the mass population. Slavery yet persists today around the world just as it did under ancient civilizations. The divine right of kingship came from these Anunnaki overlords. The Sumerian kings and queens, which were the result of crossbreeding between the Anunnaki and early humans, had ruled for thousands of years leading up to the flood. Even after the flood. The Sumerian kings and queens were the royal bloodlines of these Anunnaki extraterrestrials, according to ancient sources.

The Hopi Indians refer to a race of reptilians called the Sheti or "Snake-Brothers" 

The bible is a book of myth, plagiarism, and outright lies. It is to not be taken literally but treated like a work of allegorical tales and fiction. According to ancient Gnostic texts dating back as early as 100 AD, discovered in Nag Hammadi in 1945, the Anunnaki were also known as the Archons. These texts made references to lord Archon also called the Demiurge that was compared to the biblical Yahweh and how the Archons had no imagination of their own and envied humans because we could create anything out of nothing. The Gnostics said that the Archons could imitate but not innovate. They could imitate what is already in existence but not create from scratch. According to the Gnostics, the Archons were very deceptive. They could also produce virtual images or illusions. Thus, they are great dreamscapers (examples: Near Death Experience; night terrors during sleep). The Gnostics wrote that the Archons were reptilian in their true form. These beings can also shapeshift between human and reptile. They can appear as angels because they are the lords of illusion. But their true form are reptiles and lizards! They are known around the world as the snake people. In Christianity, they are called demons. In Islam, they are called Jinn. The Zulus refer to them as the Chitauri (children of the serpent). The Hopi people called them snake brothers. Ancient cultures also called them serpent gods and the star people. According to the Gnostic texts discovered in Nag Hammadi, Egypt, the Demiurge was a 'Fake' god who set himself up as a god to the people already existing on earth. Your biblical god, according to these ancient sources (if all of this is real!) is a reptilian 'Fake' god who traveled to earth hundreds of thousands of years ago and not only manipulated the existing hominids (i.e., Homo Erectus) but these reptilians engineered a new species called Homo Sapiens for the purpose of enslaving them! Your god is not good! When the ancient human population grew as a result of crossbreeding and cloning by these serpent people, the Demiurge wanted to reduce the human population. The Sumerians recorded that Enlil (equivalent of the Demiurge) grew tired of humanity's noise. In order to reduce the population, Enlil had caused a drought, then pestilence and then famine and when that didn't work, he caused the Great Deluge. However, it was a regional flooding that destroyed the people in the region of Sumer. Not a worldwide flood. 

This god of the Old Testament is not only a plagiarized myth but there is no such god called Yahweh/YHWH. The Gnostics compared the Demiurge to the biblical Yahweh. But the Demiurge is a reptile! The Archons, according to the Gnostics, are great deceivers they lack empathy and compassion, and are like cyborgs (robotic in nature). This 'Fake' god (the Demiurge) came here to Earth and inverted the natural order, according to the Gnostic texts. The Demiurge does not look like what you and I have read in the bible and Qur'an, which is a plagiarized version of the bible. Islam is an offspring of Christianity. 

Satan like the biblical Yahweh and Jesus is another MYTHICAL character! Angels aren't real. The "Archons" are the demons of CHRISTIANITY. The Archons are the "Jinn" of Islam. The biblical Hell that we've been taught is not a real place. Neither is the Kingdom of Heaven. It's all a lie! Biblical characters like Adam, Eve, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon, etc. never historically existed! Jesus/Yesha was also invented by a Roman imperial family known as the Flavians who invented Christianity in the form it is known today! The Flavians invented all of the Josephs, the Marys, and the twelve apostles of the New Testament. They mixed in peripheral historical figures like Augustus and Tiberius Caesar to give the Jesus story authenticity. But the Jesus of the Four Gospels never walked the earth. Biblical writers gave us a watered-down version of original texts out of ancient Sumeria, Babylonia, Assyria, Akkadia, Egypt, and the Far and Near East. 

This modern religion (and spirituality) in the form of CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM, JUDAISM, HINDUISM, BUDDHISM, CONFUCIANISM, HEBREW ISRAELISM, etc. was created by these psychotic cyborg reptilians and their human bloodlines to control and manipulate humanity, and keep humanity stuck in their bubble of illusions and deception while these reptiles take control of planet Earth and invert it into the Archon world. Wake up, humanity!!! Get out of your bubble of religion and spiritual New Age philosophies. I'm mad it took me this damn long to get out of religion, Christianity and spirituality! Now, I sound the alarm and ring the warning bells so that others may not continue down the path that I've gone and get out while they still can. My mother died believing in mythical biblical tales! Others I know will die believing in biblical illusions and fantasies that does absolutely nothing to free humanity from modern slavery! Whether these reptilians are real or fictitious, I won't be worshiping any gods or deities or reptiles whether you call it or him Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Jesus, Marduk, Enlil, Enki, Anu, Satan, the Demiurge or lord Archon! 

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