Saturday, December 28, 2019

Homelessness and the Money It Takes to Survive

Written hy Alberta Parish

There is this pervasive attitude in the Black community in which those with a lot of money, good-paying jobs/careers, and are in a much better financial situation than others often turn up their nose at people who don't have similar or equal financial success. Yet, I see many financially successful people get knocked down a peg or two, literally going from having a good-paying job or career to becoming homeless, penniless and unable to recover economically for many years. Many were successful business people, medical professionals, professors, etc. who ended up losing their jobs/careers due to varying reasons. Now homeless, many of these people had to take lesser-paying jobs and, as a result, cannot afford housing in the state wherein they reside. A lot of people work full-time jobs at places such as Wal-Mart or they work security jobs but cannot put down a rent deposit on an apartment because the deposit may be $2,000 to $3,000. Although I lost a good-paying job a couple of years ago and with it a significant income, I still maintained access to affordable housing. Nobody should be experiencing homelessness and hunger in this country!

Many people often speak negative energy on another person's misfortunes or lack of money when they are one (or two paychecks away from being homeless) themselves. The same people you clown for not having a whole lot of money could be you five years from today. The same people you claimed have been failures could be you five, ten or fifteen years from now. As long as the money is good, you have no worries. But when the money runs out, what then? When you're no longer able to pay full rent or that ridiculously expensive mortgage on that four-bedroom home, what then? When you're unable to pay the property taxes, what happens then?

Recently, a homeless woman came into the store where I work. She told her story. She used to have a six-figure salary and had a home. Today, this middle-aged woman is wondering the streets of Atlanta in dirty clothes and shoes. Despite her condition,  she still has faith in a god and continues to pray. When you talk to her, she seems very intelligent. She is well-educated. The only difference between her and you is she lost a six-figure income and therefore, fell on hard times. She has not been able to fully recover from that loss of income. 

All over this country, there are tens of thousands of stories just like hers. Homelessness can be eradicated within a year in this country. But there are forces that prefer human suffering above happiness and true equality. There are forces that feed off negative human emotions such as fear, anxiety, stress and depression, which being homeless creates. These forces prefer chaos, war, aggression, and hatred as opposed to life, freedom, peace and love.

Homelessness does not discriminate between the races. In every sanctuary state, you will find more homeless Black Americans than White Americans and any other group. In the prison industrial complex will you find more Black Americans than White Americans and any other group. Although White people currently make up the majority of the population, Black people make up nearly half of the homeless population when we’re only 13% of the population.

No black American is really in a position to cast ridicule or harsh criticism upon the homeless, the misfortunate, the jobless or the penniless. The reason why many of you have these good-paying jobs/careers is because integration allowed you to have these jobs. One reason LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabar, etc. could play in the National Basketball Association was due to integration, which included the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Before integration, there was separation. Were it not for integration and the federal government enforcing the civil rights laws, black people would still completely be locked out of society. Prior to integration, all we had were each other. We had our own basketball and baseball teams. Black business owners had to depend on each other and the black community. All those "governments" jobs the Baby Boomers were able to attain during the 1960's would've been unattainable were it not for the federal government enforcing its own laws. 

Today, the American Negro have become spoiled, overindulgent and love for people to feed their ego and enforce their fantasies in these organized religions and other ideologies. They love to use their money and position to control other black people. Many don't have any compassion for their own neighbors, family members or others they personally know who are struggling economically. New money. That's what a lot of these rappers/singers/songwriters have. That's what a lot of these NBA, NFL, and MLB players have. Being a professional athlete pays well. Being a rapper, singer, and songwriter pays well. This new money is good as long as it keeps flowing. But I see quite a few former professional athletes not doing so well. Some have even filed for bankruptcy and have lost their homes. Furthermore, what if the dollar collapse in value overnight? Suddenly, all this new money will become totally worthless. 

Real wealth has never been paper (fiat) currency. The real wealth is in land and resources that we can use right now like oil, minerals, water, etc. We need good land to grow crops and raise animals for food. We need fresh water. We need clothing. We need shelter. Paper money will become obsolete. The average person can't even think this far into the future. Many believe this modern civilization will be here forever. If you think that, then you are truly living in a world of make believe and fantasy. 

Usually, what you do today is a predictor of what your future could be if you don't curb your behaviors or your mentality. One bad choice, one bad move, one bad gamble, and you could end up homeless and penniless and begging for handouts and needing people to have compassion on you. You're not better than others because you have money and they don't. You're just lucky for right now. The same jobs or careers these people gave you, they can take it all away. You don't control your own resources. You have no real wealth. The fiat currency you have can be rendered worthless overnight. Laws are constantly changing and being created, and they're not in your favor.

Your position or career is not who you are. Your money, jewelry, apparel, house, car, kid(s), wife, husband, family, etc. are physical expressions of this so-called reality. One day, your 'physical' expressions will disappear, dissipate or die off. Then, all you have left is character...the real you!


  1. This is very powerful and wel put Alberta! People need to be reminded of just how fragile their sense of financial security really is and you've summed it all up perfectly! Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I really appreciate your remarks. My latest essay entitled Christianity is a Death Cult is posted. Check it out.