Monday, November 18, 2019

Colin Kaepernick Is Noboby's Fool

Written by Alberta Parish

Colin Kaepernick
The most courageous ex-NFL professional alive is Mr. Colin Kaepernick. This past weekend, the NFL tried to pull a PR stunt to erase their current discriminatory tactics against Mr. Kaepernick and he beat them at their own game. When it comes to the 32 NFL owners, Mr. Kaepernick's career having been derailed for three years, found a way to not only maintain his dignity but he has also stuck to his core principles. He has kept his integrity throughout the past three years that he's been absent from the NFL. We all know exactly why this talented quarterback is not in the NFL today.

The NFL is running! Mr. Kaepernick was right to tell them "stop running." He is ready to play for any NFL team that wants him. The question is, did the NFL set up this Saturday workout in Atlanta to undermine Mr. Kaepernick? Most people around the NFL believe this was nothing more than a PR stunt to say "we gave Colin Kaepernick a chance to get back in the league but things just didn't work out." The NFL wants to be able to spin the narrative going forward, but they will never be able to justify the absence of one of the best NFL quarterbacks from the league. Let's face it: Most of the NFL owners are cutthroat people who cannot be trusted. They temporarily ended a young man's career because he took a knee in protest against police brutality and the oppression of black and brown people in the United States of America.

As I am currently dealing with workplace harassment and bullying, I've had to take a strong stance against ill-treatment and bullying tactics in my workplace. No longer will I allow them to treat me with disrespect, speak to me with disrespect, and undermine me through write ups. Excessive write ups is also a bullying tactic, which managers use when they want you gone. This current manager has a history of harassment and bullying. She caused another employee that had my same position to quit her job over two and a half years ago. For me, it's been an ongoing issue of workplace harassment and bullying from several managers lasting for a period of one year and 11 months. I have even transferred to two different stores to get away from managers who have consistently harassed and bullied me. For a year and 11 months, I've been dealing with all of this crap on top of dealing with the loss of my mom from uterine cancer in October of 2017. Earlier that same year, I lost my career as a paralegal. And things have not been right for me financially ever since.

The NFL is no different from the average workplace whether in the private sector or public sector. This is the crap that people who do not control their own resources go through. The United States is like another Venezuela where much of the wealth and resources are concentrated in the hands of a few while most of the country is poor. This means most people have to rely on these few wealthy people for sustenance, money, jobs, resources, etc. For many of us, this shit is getting old. I am of the persuasion that we need another revolution. This time, I'm not waiting on Jesus to come back and save us. The elite want us to remain in these churches and temples believing in some mythical Savior while they continue to steal all our money or what little money we have left. Meanwhile, people's pensions have diminished. Many people can no longer afford decent housing in this country. There aren't enough decent-wage earning jobs for all adults. Most people work jobs they absolutely hate and where they are experiencing discrimination on a regular basis. It's not fun going to work where a supervisor and/or manager is always fucking with you. This is what the NFL has done to Colin Kaepernick. Therefore, I don't blame him for asking questions about their very questionable practices. Why wasn't the workout scheduled on Tuesday? Why can't I get the list of all those who will be attending this workout? Why does the NFL want to control all media coverage and footage? Why sign an unorthodox waiver? Mr. Kaepernick is nobody's fool and will not be undermined by the NFL.

Kaepernick in a 'Kunta Kinte' T-shirt at workout in Atlanta
I will not be undermined by my employer. If I saw workplace harassment and violence perpetrated against a coworker, it would be as if I was experiencing workplace harassment and violence. An injustice against one is an injustice against another. If 32 NFL owners are allowed to perpetuate discrimination against Colin Kaepernick, what is to stop them from continuing to openly practice workplace discrimination and harassment against other employees of the NFL? Where does one draw the line with NFL owners? Scouts and coaches actively recruit little Black boys to play football. Then, when talented players like a Colin Kaepernick comes along and makes a decision that he doesn't want to pledge his allegiance to the flag of a country where poor people, and black and brown people are being oppressed, NFL owners undermine him and take away something he's been doing since he was a child although he has never broken any criminal statutes or violated any NFL policies.

I think all 32 NFL owners have an entitlement mentality and feel like their money gives them advantages over everybody else. They use their money, power, and influence rather effectively against others. But money is not everything to certain people when it comes to defending their core principles and maintaining their integrity. Many people such as American television personality, Stephen A. Smith, could learn from Colin Kaepernick. Over the weekend, Stephen A. Smith put out a video about Colin Kaepernick's Saturday workout in Atlanta in which he made some very harsh statements about Kaepernick's motives, and questioned whether or not he really want to play in the NFL. I like Stephen A. Smith's personality but disagree with his position on Colin Kaepernick. There are certain people who won't bend no matter the cost to their careers. Mr. Kaepernick could have stopped kneeling in protest of police brutality and racism. He could have relinquished his integrity to get back in the NFL. However, Mr. Kaepernick has a warrior-like mentality and refused to stand back while all 32 NFL owners continued to discriminate against him and Eric Reid. Now, they have a choice to make. Either they will continue discriminating against Mr. Kaepernick or they will learn to understand that not everyone can be controlled and manipulated. 

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