Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Are Black Men the Worst Sexual Predators in the Nation

Written by Alberta Parish
A popular YouTube platform called Hood Talk News did a live stream today on mental illness in the Black community. One of the moderators placed me on timeout in the live chat because I guess they did not like my statements regarding a female caller's position on diet and herbal medications being the cure for most Black people's ailments and diseases. Via the chat room, I wanted to make it known that my mother was an avid consumer of herbal medications for many years. But on September 14, 2017, she was diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer and died a month and 10 days later. Nothing that I stated in the live chat warranted being placed in timeout. Therefore, I unsubscribed from Hood Talk News and will no longer support this platform with my comments, likes, or shares. Unlike a lot of gullible and uninformed people on Black YouTube, I don't need this channel and platform for the latest news and information as I create my own news and information. Thus, Hood Talk News isn't saying anything I haven't already heard or written extensively about. 

Although I sympathize with the female caller on the years of sexual abuse she endured and the ill-treatment she received from her family, I disagree with her position on diet and herbal medication being the one-cure-all for the majority of diseases and illnesses that most Black Americans develop. My mother was an avid consumer of herbal medicines for many years. However, the only diet she knew was this American-based diet! Her dad was a sharecropper. The family grew up on farm-raised food, also. That is probably the only reason why my mother lived to be 76 years old because she didn't grow up eating foods with added pesticides and hormones! Her mother lived until her mid-80s. Mamie Lawrence, my grandmother, had developed Alzheimer's and died in a nursing home!

Despite growing up on farm-raised food, my mother developed uterine cancer! Her mother developed Alzheimer's disease! At the time of my mother's diagnosis, she was already at stage 4 uterine cancer! She died on October 24, 2017!!!!!!! Spare me that bullshit about herbal medicines and changing one's diet will keep you alive and prevent all types of diseases among our people! We know it's all bullshit. But Black people love sensationalism and feel-good stories!

At age 4 or 5, I was sexually molested by a man and his woman. This may have been his wife at the time. The man that molested me was the nephew of an older woman that looked after me while my mother had to go to work to provide for us. At this time, we were living in Miami in the 1970s. Luckily, my mother put me in kindergarten at age 5, and I didn't return to the woman's house where I was being molested. We left Miami in the mid-1980s. My mother returned to her hometown: Green County, Georgia. Months later, we moved to Atlanta.

At 45 years old, I remember what happened to me. Although I was not sexually penetrated in my anus and vagina, I was made to suck his dick multiple times while his woman watched. I was somewhat lucky compared to the 45-year-old female caller that phoned in to Hood Talk News to share her experiences. I've never been raped. I have been fondled a lot. I guess you can consider this as sodomy. In Atlanta, there is an older cousin who tried to do something with me. But grandma walked in on us. At the time, he was a teenager. He never made it past first base with me. In 2017, he officially apologized for what little did take place all those years ago. 

The way most black people turn to sexual perversion didn't happen on a whim. It's something within the DNA, which a lot of it comes through 500+ years of slavery. Massa raped your mama, grandma, sister, brother, child, and made black men rape their own mothers, sisters, aunts for hundreds of years! Human DNA is like a vibrational frequency. A lot of black people are still on that slave frequency, especially the American Negro!

Let's just keep it 100: A lot of black people are dying from this industrialized civilization (which is not civil at all) stemming from chemicals emitted from moving vehicles, aircrafts, nuclear plants, and chemical factories. The ozone layer is under threat due to carbon monoxide and other poisons emitted into the atmosphere. Homo Sapiens are the worst thing to happen to this planet. There were earlier hominids before Homo Sapiens. We never evolved naturally like all other ancient species. We're not really supposed to be here. In fact, Homo Sapiens were created for one thing only: to serve the Anunnaki. That is, to be slaves of the Anunnaki. These were the primordial deities at a time when there were no Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo neanderthalensis and other primates who are now extinct.

Homo Sapiens are the result of genetic engineering and tampering. Once they were done enslaving Homo Sapien humans for thousands of years, they wanted to destroy us all. Enlil was one of the Anunnaki that wanted mankind destroyed. Read the Sumerian creation tablets called the Enuma Elish. The Genesis creation account is loosely based on the Enuma Elish and Epic of Atrahasis. However, Adam and Eve are complete fictional characters. Enoch and Noah are fictional characters. The story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is also fictional. Enlil, according to the Sumerian creation account, was NOT a good extraterrestrial. Enlil is also the equivalent of the biblical god Yahweh (also called Jehovah). 

Today, we're breathing poisoned air, consuming poisoned water, bathing in lead-based poisonous water, feeding baby formula like Similac products filled with poisons to infants, which causes under-developed brains. As a result, many Black children have all sorts of mental challenges and shortcomings. There are higher cases of ADHD and autism among Black children. Black people have been under attack for hundreds of years in these lands by way of resources because we don't fuckin' produce our own resources! We depend on white people for our very lives! We go to them for our medicines! We shop at their food markets! We consume the foods that the Federal Food and Drug Administration produces for us! We happily consume it because this is all we have! Otherwise, you might turn cannibal!

I'm going to keep eating chicken because I know it won't make much of a difference. One day, I will die. If I'm lucky, it will be a quick and painless death. I know there is no such entity as a benevolent God who cares for humanity. What we've all been taught since childhood regarding the God of the Bible who allegedly cares for his creation is a complete lie. None of it is real, and I will do everything in my power to expose these ancient myths. Please visit my website called Ancient Creation Myths at for the latest articles on the myth of Jesus, the Bible Forged, the Netherworld, the Egyptian gods, the Myth of Mithras, the creation of Christianity by the Romans, the Sumerian creation myth and flood myth of Genesis. Join me at Black Politico Media at for the latest news in your black world.

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