Saturday, October 26, 2019

Why Christianity is the Most Dangerous Religion in the World

Written by Alberta Parish

If it were not for Christianity, I could have been living my best life during my early adult years instead of wasting so much time and dedicating so much energy to biblical characters and deities that don't exist. For believers, Christianity only offers rewards in the hereafter. But there are preachers who aren't waiting to receive their rewards in the hereafter. Many have opted for a more lucrative lifestyle in the here and now while peddling that garbage to their members about Christ being poor and blessed are the poor in spirit. Tell me how blessed can you be when you're sleeping outdoors in your car because you can't afford decent housing, don't have any money, consuming water full of lead, and can't adequately feed yourself and loved ones? These religions offer nothing but false hope. Like me, you end up spending the best years of your life in faith-based doctrine, which offers you no real solutions to problems in the real world. For these reasons, Christianity in addition to Judaism and Islam are the most dangerous religions on Earth. The bible and Qur'an are also the most dangerous books known to mankind and should be completely removed from the public.

Not only are these religions dangerous on the grounds of offering adherents false hope but these religions produce a fear-based consciousness. The constant fear that a believer has of going to hell if he or she doesn't do exactly as the biblical god commands is enough to drive any person insane. I know Christian authors who have written books on hell and have condemned entire generations to the belief that if they don't worship the Christian gods, they will burn in hell for eternity. What about people living in cultures who have never heard of Jesus? What about teenagers in other cultures who died before they had a chance to hear about the Four Gospels? If I'd grown up in India, there is a possibility that I'd be Hindu. This doesn't mean that I wouldn't have heard about Jesus. But I'd still be Hindu due to the culture in which I grew up. If I'd grown up in Saudi Arabia, there is a possibility that I'd be a Muslim. 

Christians say that all other religions are false while proclaiming to be the only ones with the truth. But Christianity doesn't have the truth either. The bible consists of many forgeries and myths originating from earlier cultures. The Jesus of scripture never existed historically. Neither did the twelve apostles and the women who followed Jesus. Paul never existed either. The Four Gospels were NOT written by any eyewitnesses. They all contain conflicting stories surrounding the ministry, death, and resurrection of Christ. These books were not written by the authors whose names they bear. Christianity was invented by a Roman imperial family known as the Flavians. Titus Flavius Constantine also made Christianity the official state religion of Rome at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD.

The Genesis flood is a plagiarized version of an earlier flood myth out of ancient Sumer. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah never happened. The Israelites enslaved in Egypt never happened. The exodus of the Israelites never happened. There is no historical evidence supporting any of these claims. Moses, Abraham, Lot; none of them existed historically. Adam and Eve are also mythical characters along with the serpent who tempted Eve in the mythical garden of Eden. The Old Testament and the New are full of forgeries and myths. Biblical writers also injected peripheral historical figures such as Herod, Caesar Augustus, Tiberius and Pontius Pilate into the Four Gospels to create this narrative that Jesus existed during these men's lifetime. But outside of the Four Gospels, there is no real historical proof that the Jesus of scripture existed. What we have is second-hand information. Not real eyewitnesses. What we have are later insertions (add-ons) into non-historical records like Josephus' Antiquities of the Jews written circa 90 AD. Ironically, Josephus never mentions a man known as Christos or Yeshua who performed miracles and suffered the penalty of death under Pilate in his first book, War of the Jews, written circa 75 AD. Around this same time, the first version of Mark (Ur Marcus) was also written. What we have today in the New Testament is another version of Mark.

We can't afford to lose another few generations to these Abrahamic religions that creates fear in the hearts and minds of adherents. The Internet has exposed a lot of the falsities of Christianity. But I fear that in the very near future, the U.S. Government will limit access to the Internet as it seeks to drown out the voices of the Freedom From Religion Foundation and atheist communities all over this country. It's easier to control a population through religion, which is why the Romans invented Christianity.

It's time to let go of all the religious fairytales and live in reality so that we as human beings can solve real-world problems. No God is going to rescue you from a flood or hurricane. No God is going to heal you of cancer. Jesus is not coming back to snatch away all Christians from the face of the earth. Therefore, you are stuck here with us so-called atheists including agnostics. 

We all have a common enemy and that is tyranny in any form whether government tyranny or religious tyranny.  We need to remove the threat of racism and white supremacy. We don't need religion, the bible, and Qur'an to give us our morality. It is already within you. You don't need the bible to tell you how wrong it is to kill someone. If you kill someone and you weren't 100% justified, there are societal laws that prosecute these types of offenses. We definitely don't need a theocratic society where women and children are second-class citizens, and can be subjected to rape, daily abuse and torture. We need to be working toward getting rid of all systems of enslavement starting with the system of racism and white supremacy. Let's start here.

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