Friday, October 25, 2019

Rep. Elijah Cummings Died of STD-Related Infection?

Written by Alberta Parish

What did Representative Elijah Cummings die from? According to reports, Cummings died from complications concerning longstanding health challenges. Like the former Eddie Long, Cummings probably died from some STD-related infection. Sexually transmitted diseases also produce cancer and other related diseases. Eddie Long died of cancer on January 15, 2017. But due to the scandals that came out about his sexual activities with young boys who were members of his church and also his proclivity toward gay males, one can only conclude that Eddie Long died of cancer stemming from an STD, possibly HIV.

When Long first made a YouTube video in 2016 announcing his drastic weight loss due to his vegan diet, he appeared to look very sickly. It wasn't long after that when the world found out he had cancer. He announced that he was recovering from a 'health challenge.'

Jesse Lee Peterson recently said God killed Elijah Cummings because he opposed President Trump. By that same logic, God also killed Eddie Long. While God is busy killing people, he should've also killed these murdering white supremacists, mass murderers, pedophiles, rapists, and so forth. God should've also killed all those who bought and sold slaves for 500 plus years. God should kill all sex traffickers, organ traffickers, child traffickers, baby/child rapists, child murderers, child abusers and sexual abusers, but he has not. If you don't believe in the biblical God(s), then he or they can't touch you. If the biblical God is not real, then how can he kill you? The only entity that is killing you is the system of racism and white supremacy!

While I think that Cummings was Nancy Pelosi's slave overseer and did her bidding in Washington, he was also one of those Negroes who just didn't really give a damn about the poor people of his district. This man was one of the Democratic leaders who led the way in the impeachment inquiry against Trump because he was just following orders by Pelosi. We've always known Negroes like Cummings. Even during chattel slavery, slaves defended the actions of their slaveowners. Many still do to this same day. Many slaves living today still defend the system of racism and white supremacy, and want to continue believing they're part of the American dream, which has been the American nightmare for the descendants of slaves. These slaves are always forgiving Massa for killing their sons and brothers, and asking for hugs from those who victimize them. They're always talking about forgiveness and Christ want us to forgive. Meanwhile, those who victimize them are not following those same ideologies. In fact, they feel like they are justified by God Almighty for murdering you!

During institutionalized slavery, there were certain types of slaves who were complicit in the mutilation, torture, degradation, sodomization, rape, abuse, and murder of other slaves. The Elijah Cummings of the world are no different. He knew about the lead poisoning that affected thousands of black people in his Baltimore community but did nothing to eliminate the threat. This is a man who wanted prostitution and pimping legalized in Maryland. Yet, he was supposed to be a man of God, which I believe was a front to cover up his sexual perversions and other deeds that many of his constituents would not support.

Chattel slavery has produced monsters among the American descendants of slavery. Elijah Cummings was one of those monsters. May he never rest in peace. May all those who willingly perpetuate the system of racism and white supremacy never rest in peace.

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