Sunday, July 7, 2019

Rejecting Religion & Faith-Based Concepts That Produce No Tangibles

Written by Alberta Parish

One reason people are leaving these churches, temples, and mosques is they can no longer justify a Supreme Being particularly in Judeo-Christianity & Islam that would allow 500+ years of slavery and the aftermath that came along with slavery. And only one group of people was targeted for this holocaust. The Hebrew Israelites in Modern Babylon (i.e., United States) say we became a cursed people for not following the laws of the Most High. I don't believe it. So in other words, we deserved 500+ years of slavery and continued slave-like conditions here in the Americas and surrounding islands, because this Judeo-Christian God got mad and became jealous and condemned us all and our future generations to a system of racism and white supremacy? Particularly Black Americans are in this damn country where we're under an economic holocaust and this Judeo-Christian God is still mad after all this time? This doesn't make sense to me. Black people haven't done any more evil than any other ethnicity on this damn planet! If we have, show me the evidence of that! I understand our people were the original people on the planet. But show me the evidence that we've been the most wicked to deserve 500+ years of slavery and slave-like conditions. Furthermore, Africa was being attacked and invaded by outsiders/foreigners long before Judeo-Christianity and Islam came to Africa. To say that we DESERVED 500+ years of slavery and slave-like conditions because we're a cursed people is fear-based consciousness. And anybody that truly think and use their brain cells will see the cracks and flaws in that story. Our people can no longer justify these fear-based religious teachings that Ham (son of Noah) was cursed with black skin and that blackness was a curse itself. The original people on this planet had dark skin! It's also a total misinterpretation of scriptures just so white people can justify enslaving people of darker complexion. We just can't justify a God that we've been taught all our lives is a good God that would allow the system of racism and white supremacy to co-exist with him and his so-called people (i.e., Christians, saints, Hebrews, righteous folk, holy people, etc.) throughout the earth and all the damage that this evil, Satanic system is currently permeating in every country, every society, etc. where the chosen people of the Most High exist. I was taught that I was a chosen generation by God. Well, white supremacy, racism, and human slavery (i.e., human trafficking) should not still exist right now. It's total mind fuckery, and this is why it's hard to get people to believe in anything anymore. We know that the white Jesus hanging on the cross in these Catholic churches that is painted after the likeness of Cesare Borgia (son of a pope) never even existed. That knowledge put a bad taste in a lot of people's mouth concerning Christianity. People look at their shitty little lives and they know instinctively that this ain't right...the world is not a good place. They try and find some kind of happiness and relief the best way they know how. But many people just aren't really thriving. They're surviving and doing it without God's help. They may still be holding on to their faith but they just don't know if this God that they've taught is so real is really who they've been told he is. The truth is many people still don't know who God or the Universal Power is. They don't have any idea about this Universal Power that's been subscribed to only one religion or been put in a bottle of one religion, which is the dominant religion of Christianity. Christianity is discriminatory toward all the other major world religions. I grew up in the Church but I've also studied/researched knowledge outside of the bible and outside of additional Christian sources. In a weird way, I've been looking for this divine Creator to show up and intervene in the affairs of mankind ever since high school. I don't want to JUST BELIEVE he's real. I want to know he's real. Belief doesn't require facts or reality. I've been taught that this divine Creator is the Ancient of Days. If he's real, where is he? We need this divine Creator to show up in our world.
The ancient Sumerians said that the gods came to our planet searching for minerals because their ozone needed major repairing. They needed gold to repair Nibiru's ozone layer. The Annunaki used other gods known as the Igigi for slave labor. But the Igigi rebelled and one god named Enki (also known as Ea) decided to engineer a new species to be used for slave labor. Enki spliced the DNA of a god with a preexisting human known as the Homo Erectus and then produced mankind or Homo Sapien man. This story was written upon Stone Tablets hundreds of thousands of years ago. Even the Genesis creation account came from the Sumerian creation account written upon stone. Which story are we to believe regarding the true origin of mankind? 

Extraterrestrial biological entities is what the Annunaki were when they came to our planet and settled in the Persian Gulf region as well as surrounding areas. They looked like us but were very tall and had technology that they taught mankind. The Annunaki created the Sumerian civilization. Which story are we to believe about the gods who created mankind?

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