Monday, June 10, 2019

WORKPLACE BULLYING: The Tragic Case of the Virginia Beach Killer

Written by Alberta Parish

Dear Humans:

Never under any circumstances should you allow psychological abuse in the workplace (i.e., workplace bullying). Not only is this harmful to your physical health but it is also harmful to your mental health.

This past Saturday, I had to go to a hospital Emergency Room for a massive migraine headache, which I had developed while at work on Friday and it started right after the store manager began her personal attacks against me for something that she thought I'd deliberately left undone in her store. Her voice even went up an octave when she spoke to me regarding this matter. It was something that I'd overlooked but it was not something that I'd intentionally overlooked. I was so busy doing other tasks around the store that I didn't catch it before I left work. This was last Monday night. I was not at work Tuesday through Thursday.

After the store manager came in to work this past Friday, she ruined what was perfectly a good mood that I was in prior to her arrival by denigrating me about one thing I didn't do or failed to do. Since I've transferred to her store back in February of this year, it's been one thing after another with this individual. I am sick of her constant haranguing, and I am not going to tolerate it any longer.

On Friday, I filed yet another complaint of workplace bullying and harassment against this store manager who is an older Black woman. This person who has been so heavy-handed, rude, and condescending to me also claims to be a Christian. Therefore, she should know that her actions are not Christ-like at all. I hate to say this, but some of the most overbearing individuals I've known happen to be very religious and/or they attend church regularly. And these people know better than to be on the job giving other people a hard time or hard way to go. The most biggest flaw with overbearing managers is they love to control everyone around them or at least those they target. They are often slave drivers. They want to control every doggone minute of your work day. They want to control all your actions. They want to fully control you. They're extremely tyrannical in their approach toward others or at least toward people they target. I had one mother. She died on October 24, 2017. I don't need a second mother! I don't need anybody raising me at 44 years old!

There is never any justification for anybody to tolerate mistreatment on the job from managerial staff and/or regular staff. No amount of money is worth the aggravation. You have certain unalienable rights as human beings to feel and be safe, secure, and respected in your workplace, and not be constantly subjected to harassment and ill-treatment by anyone who claims to be a representative of a corporation/business or a contractor of a corporation/business. You also have certain unalienable rights as human beings to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I am not anybody's punching bag. Neither am I your doormat.

Workplace bullying not only creates alienation but also bitterness. You don't know how a reasonable person is going to respond when he or she is constantly harassed and bullied in their place of work. Your mental and physical health is not something to be taken lightly, dismissed, or brushed off to the side. Workplace harassment can lead to workplace violence.

As in the tragic case of the Virginia Beach killer, Dewayne Craddock, there are pieces of information that the general public isn't privy to. We don't know what Dewayne Craddock went through for 15 years on his job. This seemingly successful 40-year-old resigns from his job as a public works engineer on the morning of May 31, 2019. Why? According to police, he cited personal reasons for his resignation in an e-mail to his boss. But why would he willingly give up his career? Why would he willingly give up his life? It seems as though he didn't care about his career or his life anymore. He must have really sunken to a very low place over a period of time that made him go on a killing spree of his colleagues after resigning from his career.

Workplace violence doesn't just occur on the whim of a moment. There are usually systemic problems prior to any form of workplace violence that occur. The systemic problem in my place of work happens to be store managers' consistent bullying and harassment of employees they choose to target. I am no stranger to workplace bullying by managers as I've experienced this at most companies where I've held employment. At the cost of my own health, I've stayed in workplace environments that I knew was very toxic. Why? Because it's not easy to walk away from one job and easily find decent/adequate employment elsewhere. Another reason I remained in these toxic work environments is lack of money. No quick access to wealth. Light bill, gas bill, rent, car note, car insurance, food costs, and other necessities. Human beings or homo sapiens aren't neant to sleep outdoors. We're not supposed to be homeless in this concrete jungle. We cannot live in this concrete jungle without this world currency called the dollar.

This will be my last time talking about my work issues concerning this company manager online. I don't give a rat's buttocks who sees this essay. I don't care!!!!!!!! Leave me the hell alone!

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