Friday, June 21, 2019

What Would Life Be Like To Not Live in Fear

Written by Alberta Parish

I've spent all my life except for little pockets of my childhood living in fear: fear of death, fear of the unknown, fear of Hell, fear of suffering a horrible fate, fear of sickness or disease, fear of financial difficulties, fear of future events, fear of biblical events, fear of a violent crime happening to me, fear of a dark room, fear of relationships... Have I ever lived one day as an adult without fearing something? My whole life, I have been taught to fear God. But I think I have more fear for everything else except God. Living in my lower vibration has caused me to live in a fear-based consciousness. Elevating my consciousness to catch up with my higher vibrational being can break this fear-based consciousness that I've lived in for many years. Everything around us: the society, television, Social Media, public education, jobs/careers, money/dollar, etc. has been manufactured to appeal to our lower vibrational self or have us living like animals out in the wild when we're supposed to be the higher intelligent species and set apart from the animal kingdom. However, we're not all that much more intelligent than the animals whom we claim are the lesser intelligent. Apart from spending a majority of my life living in some type of fear-based consciousness, have I ever stopped to think something is not right? Sure. I have many times. But my environment and my early childhood helped to shape this fear-based consciousness from which I must now break free. It is rather stressful living in fear. Fear of death, fear of Hell if I didn't do this, that and the other, or just plain fear of the unknown or what could be awaitimg you is enough to put a modestly healthy person in an early grave from heart ache, heart attack, or stroke. You ever wondered why a healthy person in his/her 40s or 50s have a sudden heart attack? Sometimes, it is drug addiction or overdose. But it is also stress at other times. The body violently responds to fear. When you are under a tremendous amount of stress, it can show up later in the form of cancer in addition to your poor diet. Earlier today, I thought about all the things I've feared my whole life. And I have to elevate above it now.

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