Sunday, June 9, 2019

Virginia Beach Killer Shot Multiple People, 12 Killed Including Himself

Written by Alberta Parish

There is no good explanation behind why the Virginia Beach killer took the lives of his coworkers on Friday, May 31, 2019. Dewayne Craddock had reached the end where so many people go when they're done with life. I call his murder spree on the morning of May 31st that led to his demise suicide-by-cop. This seemingly successful 40-year-old wasn't happy. The money he was earning apparently didn't mean all that much to him, because he had sent an email the morning of May 31st resigning from his position citing personal reasons for his resignation. He willingly gave up his career and life.

What amount of income from a job or career is worth you being constantly harassed and bullied by your employer or representative(s) of your employer like a manager or supervisor? What managerial abusive behavior are you willing to accept and at what price? Name your dollar amount. Is the money worth your self-esteem, or your personal and professional reputation taking a constant beating? How far are you willing to sink just for money? At what price are you willing to sell your integrity? What price would you allow an employer or representatives of an employer to treat you like a doormat and constantly belittle you, especially in the presence of others? How much money can an employer offer you in exchange for his/her constant ill-treatment?

When you're young and haven't really experienced the world and seen how much corruption permeates the environment, you may enter many situations being completely naive about people and their personal agendas. But when you've matured and you look back over your life, will you be happy with the choices you've made just for money? Or will you look in the mirror and realize, it was not worth it. The money wasn't worth my self-esteem. The money wasn't worth the price of my mental health. That fat check every two weeks wasn't worth the degradation and humiliation that I experienced in the workplace. The money wasn't worth all the bullshit that came along with it. Any amount of money these corporations are paying the average worker today whether it's minimum wages or $60K per year is not worth you experiencing any form of racism, sexual abuse, or routine verbal harassment by your manager or supervisor. The constant haranguing and bullying by a manager or supervisor when you know that you're doing the best you can is not worth the money they are paying you. Perhaps, if a manager or supervisor pay me $500,000 up front, I might let him/her harass and denigrate me for ONLY one day in front of other employees. After that day, you won't see me back at work anymore because that'll be the last day I work for you. Heck, I might even let you call me the N word for one day if you pay me at least $1,000,000 up front. I need it all in cash in a brief case. Then, you won't see me at work anymore after that day. But many Black people work on the job everyday around racists and bigots, and take all forms of abuse from these people and remain on the job for years. Most of them are paying a heavy price for this psychological and verbal abuse, and are working with therapists to try and cope with racism in their work place. I experience verbal denigration mostly from other Black people on the job although I have encountered a few white supremacists and racists in certain places I've worked.

I do not accept that we were put here as human beings just to suffer in a world where there's no real equality, no equal opportunities for all, no real justice in the courts, poverty, world hunger, disease, etc. Most of the monetary wealth and resources are controlled and owned by 1% of the population. How could we let this happen as a species? How could we allow this 1% to gather up and monopolize much of the world's wealth and resources while keeping the rest of us in poverty? A $60K salary per year might as well be a $20K salary per year after taxes, debt payments, utility bills, housing expenses, and children. If 1% of the population controlls/owns most of the wealth and resources on the planet, that means 99% of the population is basically living substandard. So if we are living substandard, that means most people on the planet would do anything to get the crumbs that falls from the rich man's table.

For the love of money, many people have sold their souls. In this so-called civilization, money is the focal point of our own survival. We cannot live without this world currency. And it is extremely difficult to get the amount of cash that you actually need just to sustain a standard lifestyle. When you got hoarders who have hoarded much of the world's wealth and resources, then a significant amount of the population is pretty much left with the scraps. Too many have profited off the enslavement and oppression of Black people. Wealth has been stolen, and institutionalized slavery in America created the wealth of the Rockefellers and the Windsors. Famine exist where there should be no famine. Homelessness in America exist when you have so many empty houses and commercial buildings that could be used by homeless people. But homelessness is often criminalized. These seemingly empty buildings all around town are most likely places for storing sex trafficking victims including kidnapped children, illegal guns, and high-tech weaponry.

Systemic corruption breeds cruelty. The world around us is a brutal place, full of dead bodies on top of more dead bodies. The more evil I see around me, the more I become repulsed by it. The very thought of the world continuing like this for the next 50 years is a frightening thought. Can we as a human species take this for another hundred years?

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