Thursday, June 20, 2019

H.R. 40 Reparations Hearing: Actor Danny Glover & CBC Will Cause Black America's Continued Genocide

Written by Alberta Parish

The H.R. 40 reparations hearing was a complete sham and waste of time when we have Black Americanized congressional leaders, authors and actors saying we don't deserve or need reparations like the Jews and Japanese. What planet do these people live on? White people could not have bred more better slaves on the plantations than what we have today in Congress and Hollywood. It is a complete travesty that we have Americanized Blacks still thinking and acting like slaves in 2019. Can you imagine if there was a hearing for reparations to Jews that Cory Booker, Sheila Jackson Lee and Danny Glover would appear before Congress and repeat the nonsense they said the other day about Jews not needing or deserving reparations for the Jewish Holocaust? Foundational Black Americans and our ancestors have been the greatest victims and survivors of another Holocaust, which I call the African Holocaust for 500+ years. Danny Glover's rich black ass has the unmitigated gall and balls to say what the rest of us don't need. Negroes like him and Cory Booker have benefited off the oppression of Black people in this country for far too long. Of course they want to keep the rest of us powerless, stripped of resources, and without access to wealth so they can continue exploiting us!

Every Black economist and historian should know by now that Black Hollywood account for the majority of Black America's wealth. You can't look at a Danny Glover and Oprah Winfrey to say there is no significant wealth gap between White and Black America. Even other groups in this country are ahead of Black America in terms of wealth percentages. Where were the Black economists in this reparations hearing? What a complete and utter failure this reparations hearing represented? The Congressional Black Caucus should feel embarrassed that they actually think this hearing would be enough to take the conversation off reparations so that now the country can focus on putting a Democrat in the White House in 2020. What they fail to realize is Donald Trump will be a two-term president due to the Democrats' benign neglect policy against Black Americans since the late 1960's. American Descendants of Slavery are no longer interested in continuing to participate in this sham system called democracy. We recognize that the Democratic party is not interested in what will benefit all of Black America (i.e., Foundational Black Americans). We recognize that America runs off the economic oppression of foundational Black Americans. It is to America's benefit to keep foundational Black Americans as a permanent underclass.

If this is a Christian nation, racism and white supremacy should not still be in existence. If white Christians actually practiced what they preach, then racism and white supremacy would not exist.

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