Thursday, May 30, 2019

We Haven't Been Saved in Over 500 Years: The Impact of Wealth Inequality for Black Americans

Written by Alberta Parish

If we lived in a world of equality and equal opportunities, all the mom and pop businesses in Black communities would be owned and controlled by Black people. Yet, other Black people are telling me this is the way life is, we should be content, and one day, things will get better. Things haven't gotten any better for Black people in this country for 500+ years. With integration came the death of Black wealth. The 1940s - 60s saw a major paradigm shift but since then, we've regressed as a group. We went from chattel slavery to economic slavery. The chains around your mind has produced far more destruction for the Black community.  The Black destruction in America has come in the form of gender wars, economic impoverishment, lack of access to wealth, lack of Black-owned and controlled businesses in our communities, foreigners invading our communities with their businesses, senseless violence, broken families, the FBI/CIA flooding our communities with destructive drugs like crack cocaine in the late 1970s and so forth. They really began flooding our communities with alcohol in the early 1900s. Then, prohibition occurred because the federal government was not profiting from the sale of alcohol. They also supplied slaves on the plantations with alcohol. They kept the slaves high to make them accept their conditions. 

Black people today get high because this is the way many deal with their economic conditions and other issues. This is how many deal with their conditioning in the system of racism and white supremacy. The majority of Black women, according to statistics, hate their stressfilled jobs and are starting small businesses as a result. They know that if they give foundational Black Americans reparations, many of us would start businesses and come out of these corporations that we've helped to enrich and doesn't benefit our interests at all. If America was a true place of equal opportunity, Black people wouldn't make up the majority of economic poverty and low wages in this country. Why can't there be equality in wealth for foundational Black Americans alongside our white and Asian counterparts? Why can't we get the reparations that are owed to us for the harm that was done to us? The goal is to keep us economically impoverished so we can continue being exploited by corporations, conglomerates, and foreign-owned business owners. We cannot look for any one man or leader to save us. We were never saved in over 500 years. The Africans didn't come to save us. No one came to save foundational Black Americans. We're still here as a group with no real power, no real wealth, no access to real wealth. They dangle before us a handful of Black billionaires whom white supremacy raised and funded as if these few wealthy individuals represent all of Black society. Over 98% of foundational Black people in this country live under $60,000 a year in gross salary. Add a couple of kids, a car note, mortgage/rent, student loan debt, and you might as well be making less than $20,000 a year. 

The need for more Black-owned businesses that are thriving is more pressing now more than ever before. We cannot afford another half century of the mentality that a lot of Black people have about reparations not being the answer to our economic survival. We have far too many Black politicians in Congress with this mentality. They aren't going anywhere. We're going to have to shut down the political process and not participate in the system. We're going to have to stop catering to this political system and these people who aren't interested in our agendas. We're no longer thriving as a group economically in this country and that is a huge problem for our future. Time is not on our side. We have no allies or friends. I don't want to hear about a bill studying reparations. I want my check(s)! I want my student loan debt abolished. I want regular payouts yearly. I want programs in place for Black Americans to help close the racial wealth gap. I will never be happy and content in this society unless there's true equality in resources and wealth. Truth is, all the wealth that these rich families possess such as the Rockefellers and others were stolen from slaves that built this country.

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