Saturday, May 11, 2019

America: The Satanic Country

Written by Alberta Parish

Thinking about my dear mother and her death in 2017 has me in a mental conundrum in a world full of negative and unfortunate events in which the good often end up dying from unknown forces outside of themselves. My mom was one of the good ones who died before it was really her time.

As I navigate through living in a racist and white supremacist culture, I have to try and bring myself to reconcile with the knowledge that I'm going to be stuck in such a primitive and brutal environment with real threats at every turn. The threat of job loss or loss of income. Or the threat of being monitored as a single woman, and watched by devils where you live.

Do you think it's been easy for me to navigate on this plane without adequate wealth and/or resources, and having to maintain my integrity, even when I was in desperate situations? Do you think it's been easy for me to go through life having to struggle for every paycheck and/or dollar that I receive in income? Do you think it's been easy for me as a Black woman in Babylon? I remember my mama having to struggle from paycheck to paycheck. I remember my mama coming home from work upset many nights. I also remember my mama maintaining her integrity.

My mama left Miami during the time when job opportunities were scarce for Black people due to the Cuban, Jamaican and Haitian takeover of the job market. She moved to Atlanta thinking life would improve for her or at least thinking she'd get a great job. However, life was just as tough for her in Atlanta as it was in Miami. No huge and significant monetary or financial advantages did she gain by moving from one place to another.

My mama was originally from Greensboro, Georgia. A family of sharecroppers from which she originated never had anything. Neither were they highly educated people. From one generation to the next, all we've ever done is work for other people and make other people wealthy from our physical labor. We are indeed economic slaves in a system originally built on exploiting the American Negro. My life in America is no more than property to be used and exploited by corporations, firms, and a fascist-democratic system taunting itself as a free society. Yet, Christians are under systemic persecution in this so-called free society. There is no free speech. The First and Second Amendments are under current scrutiny. We are in fact living in the New World Order. Spiritual darkness has engulfed the entire nation.

As a Christian who has a third eye, my first two eyes are also wide open to the real Satanic culture that exist as the underbelly of a white supremacist culture in which many Black Americans aren't realizing or refuse to realize that our citizenship is second best to that of a wealthy white male and white female. America look like this innocent place full of privilege and equal opportunities for all. However, underneath this innocence lies the beast of unequal rights, non-free speech, uneven opportunities, and injustices. The courts are full of injustice and inequality. Our government has become the real threat to its citizens. I see this nation for what it truly is, and not what it pretends to be.

Welcome to a godless and Satanic nation that sacrifices children. In this society, the righteous are sought out and destroyed. Demons are alive in people. Many are possessed because they have past dealings in the occult. Many are also possessed because they refuse to acknowledge the Most High. I was fortunate to never have been born into a Satanic and heavily occult-affiliated family. Many unfortunate souls were born into these American Satanic families, and ended up as MK ultra mind-controlled prostitutes being passed around from one rich or powerful person to the next. Some of them survived and got out alive while many others did not. It is rather unfortunate to be alive during this time to watch society become more and more wicked with each new generation.

America is a horrific place...a Satanic country full of human sacrifice and devil worship. No amount of prayer can fully stop the evil that has permeated our entire nation. Our God forsook the earth. Mankind has been left to their own devices.

The prophet Hosea proclaimed, my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because thou hast rejected knowledge, said the Lord, I also will reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou has forgotten the law of thy God, I also will forget thy children.

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