Sunday, April 28, 2019

I don't have time to be a play-play Christian!

Written by Alberta Parish

Recent comments made by a Christian minister calling other Christians in the church play-play Christians have sparked a conversation, which has made me think about the plight and lives of Christians not only living in the United States but also in other countries.

Who has time to be a play-play Christian? In fact, being a Christian can actually get Christians killed in 2019. I can't go live in an Islamic country or in a communist country like China with my bible and expect to not be persecuted as a Christian. The last time I looked, black Christian churches are being burned down in this country. 

According to an article regarding Christian persecution here in the U.S., it says, "While it might not be at the level of beheadings or burned down churches as seen in other places of the world, it still is a problem that is growing. Traditional Christians are facing increasing intolerance in this country through the fines, the lawsuits, the jobs lost, and the public disdain felt. Here are some of the ways that you might be experiencing Christian persecution in America, without even realizing it.

1. Persecution in politics.

Many politicians in the United States get attacked for their religious beliefs. For example, Senator Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, and Kamala Harris, D-Calif., chose negative and angry questions in an interview with Brian Buescher, an Omaha-based lawyer nominated by President Trump to sit on the United States District Court for the District of Nebraska. Buescher, a Catholic, has very traditional values. Due to his beliefs, he was subjected to scrutiny by these two senators. They tried to cast doubt on his ability to serve in public office because of his Christianity.

2. Persecution on college campuses.

If you know any Christian millennial that goes to a liberal college, you might have heard about how their beliefs are judged.

3. Persecution in public schools.

Just like many campus colleges, public schools are getting hit as well. Student groups like InterVarsity have been kicked off campuses, and a teacher in New Jersey was suspended for giving a student a Bible." 

Does anybody still think we got time to be play-play Christians? I don't see no huge and significant advantages, monetarily or physically of being a Christian in 2019 on this wicked planet. I don't see nothing good about living in a system of racism and white supremacy, even as a Christian. The only things Christians can actually look forward to are the planet Heaven, eternal life, our spiritual walk or journey with Jesus, our ultimate reunion with Jesus, my mansion in the planet Heaven, and my glorified body that I'd love to get back. Furthermore, my walk with Jesus is the only thing that's keeping me from going and doing what I really want to do. This is the worst time in human history. I don't like this planet and I don't want to be here on this planet, even a Christian.

Again, who got time to be a play-play Christian? Christians are being martyred all around the world. Christians are being gunned down in churches. Christians are going to see Jesus a whole lot sooner than what many of them anticipated. Christians are being bombed while sitting in churches. So these innuendos or slick comments toward certain people in the church being play-play Christians I think is inappropriate, and I take offense to comments like that.

I've gone through a lot as a Christian, and I don't minimize my struggles as a Christian. Demons have done everything possible to ruin my whole life because I'm a Christian. Demons have done everything possible to steal my soul because I believe that Christ came and died for our sins, and rose again from the dead, and also because I'm a child of the King Jesus. I don't see a whole lot of money I have because I'm a Christian. I don't see that good-paying job I have right now because I'm a Christian. I don't live in a huge mansion or home because I'm a Christian. I don't have that book deal because I'm a Christian. But I have been struggling. I can tell you a whole lot about struggling, and what's it like to be living in a system of racism and white supremacy as a poor Christian. I can tell you what it's like to be poor in spirit.

In addition, being a professed Christian can actually get me killed. The last time I looked demons had a whole lot of saints all over this country including my mama in the hospital in 2018, 2017 and 2016. The last time I looked the devil killed my mama with cancer for being a Christian. We're going through as Christians in 2019 whether you realize it or not. Therefore, none of us have time to be play-play Christians because we wouldn't be sitting in church until 11 o'clock on a Friday night, especially when I have to get up out of my bed and go to somebody's job on a Saturday to be a slave in a system of racism and white supremacy. I could be at home in my bed and looking at TV on a Friday night. I could be at the club getting my groove on every Friday night. I could be fornicating. I could have started shacking up with a man years ago. But I don't have time to be a play-play Christian.

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