Saturday, March 16, 2019

We Demand Reparations for #ADOS Now! A Day of Reckoning Is Upon America

Written by Alberta Parish

Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore are right! Reparations for the American Descendants of Slavery is the only thing that will make us whole in terms of the wealth that has been stolen from us for generations due to institutionalized slavery, capitalism, Reconstruction, the Great Migration, Redlining, Gentrification, Jim Crowism, the New Jim Crowism, the destruction of Black Wall Street and other Black towns, discriminatory laws, unjust or unfair labor laws, unfair wages, unequal pay, tax laws, lack of adequate education at the basic levels, genocidal programs, racial terrorism, racial violence, police violence including lynching, and FBI targeting and profiling of Black radicals in the Black Panther Party, the Black Liberation Army, the Nation of Islam, and any others whose agenda it was during the 1950s and 60s to bring complete liberation to our people.

As a result of institutionalized racism, Black people have the highest incarcerations in the nation although most of their crimes are limited to minor drug offenses and non-violent offenses. As part of the reparations package, there should be awarded at least $1 million for each prison and county jail inmate in addition to $2 million being awarded to each member of his or her family. Non-violent offenders who are American Descendants of Slavery should also be released from county jails and prisons as part of the reparations package. We have been economically exploited from the traffic courts to the bankruptcy courts. American Descendants of Slavery have been barred systematically from the American Dream, and the recent college admissions scandal has proven time and time again that we continue to lose to the scheming of wealthy people due to being born in a permanent underclass.

The day of reckoning is upon America, and the dominant society is now scrambling to address the idea of reparations, as Democrat candidates have also politicized it in hope of winning the 2020 presidential office. Democrat candidates such as Kamala Harris has already said that she is not going to do anything just for Black people. Another Democrat candidate, Bernie Sanders has also made it perfectly clear that he is not for reparations to Black people. Recently, he did an interview on the Breakfast Club and asked what are reparations. Bernie, since you don't know what reparations are, then I don't know what voting for you entails.  The American Descendants of Slavery are also not going to turn out in droves to blindly support Democratic candidates who do not put our interests first, especially as our interests relate to reparations. Let's be candid, monetary reparations to the American Descendants of Slavery would mean that many small businesses will no longer be able to economically exploit us within our own communities. Many Black entreprenuers would possibly buy buildings in their community to launch their own small businesses. I know personally that if I received reparations payment(s), I would never work another "dead-end job" a day in my life...a job where I'm often overworked and underpaid. I would instead use my time and energy that I gave toward working on somebody's job for the past 26 years, and redirect my time and energy toward things I love, which include writing books and blogging. I began writing a book in 2017, and I have not finished it. A tragedy did happen to halt that process. However, I have not finished my book because I simply don't have the time to write it.

The dominant society's goal is to force the majority of us into driving for Uber and Lyft. The majority of our children are being prepared for service jobs or prison from kindergarten no matter what they tell the kids. They're teaching lies in the history books, got your kids conducting mock slave auctions such as one private school in Bronxville, New York, and preparing your kids to be future Uber drivers or prison inmates while at the same time promising them equal opportunities if only they work hard. The recent college admissions bribery scandal aren't showing that their children are working hard to achieve their goals.

The game was rigged from the very beginning, which is why reparations are the only logical conclusion to rectifying the wrongs of history and as final restitution for millions of lives destroyed as a result of racism, the Transatlantic slave trade, rape, sodomy, kidnapping, torture, mass murder, chattel slavery, capitalism, genocidal programs including Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood and government vaccinations of Black babies that destroyed their cognitive abilities and physical well-being, FBI targeting of Black organizations, racial violence and terrorist acts by Ku Klux Klansmen and other white identity groups, unjust criminal prosecutions and prison sentencing, police violence including lynching, unfair labor laws, court laws, the Black Christian codes, the bankruptcy laws, and for denying slaves access to an adequate education as well as denying slaves the right to freedom and happiness within their persons and homes. Reparations are no longer what we're asking from the Federal government. We demand reparations for the African and Black American holocaust in the New World perpertuated by the colonialist settlers, slave traders, founders of the Constitution, founders of the Continental Congress, and our current U.S. Government.


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