Sunday, March 3, 2019

The #ADOS No Longer Interested in the Politics of Democrats Unless They Are Talking Helping Black People

Written by Alberta Parish

The American Descendants of Slaves (#ADOS) are no longer interested in the political climate of the Democrats if it is not in our best interests. It appears that we, Black Americans, are demanding things from the Democrats that they have not been accustomed to. No longer are we loyalists to the Democratic leaders. We want things and unless they're willing to deliver, we will ignore voting for them. The last presidential candidate that I voted for was Barack Obama. What a waste of time that was? Based on what I've observed, no candidate on the Democratic side is fit to be President in 2020. I am no longer interested in politics, and want to see an end to this current system here in the United States.

Many in this current young generation, although they love living the so-called good life, don't necessarily want to continue being slaves in the system of racism and white supremacy. This generation of young Black adults are no longer satisfied with the status quo. They have a different mentality from the Baby Boomers and Generation X when it comes to the same old status quo. Although they may be stuck in really horrible economic and environmental conditions, they stay out of necessity and not because they really want to be there. Many are looking for something more than just getting in debt through college loans, and working a nine to five for a corporation they don't like and where they are not respected. Neither are they regarded as valuable to the corporation. The mentality of this current generation of Black Americans, although they may have some form of spirituality, are not really caught up in traditional religious thinking. This also makes this current generation dangerous to the dominant society.

As part of the generation that followed the Baby Boomers, I was strictly raised in a Christian environment. As Christians, we are bound by the moral tenets that Christ taught as they pertain to the Gospels. This also makes us more likely to be exploited, abused, and misused by those who do not value Christian principles although many in the dominant society claim to be Christians themselves. There was never any justification for white Christians to be slaveholders while claiming to be followers of biblical principles. That is an oxymoron. It is also an embarrassment to the true words that the biblical Messiah taught concerning loving the brethren, and loving your neighbor.

There has never been a time in the history of the American descendants of slaves (#ADOS) in which we have not been exploited whether through slavery, Reconstruction, the Great Migration of Negroes from the South to the North, Mid-West and West, Jim Crowism, capitalism, the New Jim Crowism, the prison industrial complex, housing, land, education, bank loans (aka predatory loans), etc.

Right now, I'm at a point in my mind in which I don't see the overall benefit of living in a capitalist (aka oppressive) system that basically exploits Black people and poor people. Even the poorest of the poor white people don't even want to be Black in America. Most of them have the mentality that they're better than Black Americans. Many of the poorest of their poor have more capital than most poor Black Americans, many of whom are the working-class poor.

On a collective level, Black Americans are possibly the most exploited people in the world. And we're not really doing anything to stop our own exploitation. So where do we go from here? This current generation is not happy with the current Babylonian lifestyle that they have been born into. I don't care about exerting all of my energy to continue being a slave in the system of racism and white supremacy for the next twenty years. I clearly understand why most of these young Black adults have a don't-care-attitude and many don't want to work. Neither do many hold down a job for long. They are looking for something more than just getting a job to benefit greedy corporations, owning a dilapidated home in a dangerous neighborhood they can't afford, or the regular mundane routine of getting a college loan debt they can't afford. Many just really don't want to participate in this system, and they become suicidal as well as homicidal. Some commit suicide by cop, which means they set themselves up to be shot and killed by the police. Please understand that not all victims of police shootings set themselves up to be killed by cops. However, there are stories that come across the news cycle every now and then in which a gunshot victim was wielding a weapon in front of the police, or someone killed his girlfriend or held up a bank. A Black man holding hostages in a bank, or wielding a weapon in front of the police is not always going to get the same benefit of the doubt as a white man who wields a weapon in front of the police and also holds hostages. Many times, Black men get shot and killed when a police officer see them holding a weapon although he is not threatening anyone with it. Many have been killed by cops and they had no weapon on them.

A lot of times, people give up on life. A lot of Black men in Babylon just give up on their own life. People often engage in destructive behavior when they feel like they have no options left. A lot of people in the Black community self-medicate on illegal and legal drugs trying to deal with Babylon.

Babylon is this current American system that has everyone enslaved to capitalism just like Mussolini had everyone enslaved to fascism. The corporations and government have all the power, and have stripped all the power from the citizens of this country. The U.S. Government being a corporation in itself exploit Black American citizens. There is nothing in Babylon that benefits its Black citizens. Everything is all in service to Babylon, and the corrupt leaders that it has. Even rich Black superstars don't have the wealth comparisons to the wealthy families like the Rothschild, the du Ponts, and the Rockefellers. Being a rich Black superstar in Babylon can only get you in the doors of these wealthy families as their entertainment or minstrel show performers. You're only rich on paper but not in resources like land, minerals, etc.

Being a rich slave in Babylon means you have to sacrifice your integrity. You have to become almost a monster or already be a monster to get ahead as a rich capitalist in Babylon. It is horrible what has happened to Black capitalists and also entertainers in this morally-bankrupt country. It's horrible what's happened to the poor working class of Black Americans, as most of the money we could have to raise ourselves out of poverty is going to corporations and the Federal government.

The corruption and greed in Babylon are enough to make a sane person insane. These greedy corporations take up all your time and energy, and also cause you to lose out on raising your children because you got to be on somebody's job from 40 to 50 hours a week. Working for somebody else stresses you out, both physically and mentally. Getting into debt stresses you out. This is also why a lot of people turn to drugs and alcohol. They feel like they have no options left. This is it? This is all there is to life? Why am I here? These are the questions that many people ask but may be too afraid to speak.

Being in Christianity has made me more aware of the Babylonian captivity that I'm currently in. I can see that this is not how our lives are supposed to be. We're supposed to be physically free, and not just mentally and spiritually free. We're supposed to have a choice on whether we want to work for corporations from 40 to 50 hours a week while they exploit us. But we have all these bills and rent/mortgage to pay. Water bill, gas bill, electricity bill, phone bill, healthcare premium. If you have children, you will have childcare expenses. What about food costs? In Babylon, you're in a position in which you have to work or become a homeless and hungry bum. Most Black women are working while being nine months pregnant in Babylon. Basically, we're just slaves whether you're a Christian slave, or an atheist slave, or a Hebrew Israelite slave, or a Black Consciousness slave. You're not free to walk off that job and still be able to maintain your same lifestyle. And if you do, get ready to become either homeless or sleep on someone's couch or struggle to pay bills. You better have some kind of financial backup in Babylon or you will be going through some tough times.

I would love to be stress free. But in Babylon, there is only slavery and death. Early death occurs among many due to stress-related illnesses, cancer, stroke, heart disease, sexually transmitted diseases, the Americanized diet, Alzheimer's disease, alcohol poisoning, drug-related illnesses, drug overdose, and much more.

Babylon is a keeper of oppressive systems. It is very depressing and oppressing being in a vulnerable situation in which you have no choice but to work from job to job and work like a slave while at the time you know you're being exploited. I've been working for the past 26 years, and I don't see where I have benefited at all. But the corporations that used me surely benefited from my physical labor and time. I can't get back any of my time. I can't get back my physical labor that was stolen from me for 26 years. But what I can do is expose this Babylonian system that exploit Black people and poor people while enriching every other community.

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