Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Out of Babylon: The Plight of the American Descendants of Slaves & The #ADOS Movement

Written by Alberta Parish

Living in Modern Babylon has been nothing short of a complete travesty of an era filled with technological advances in science, medicine, and biological weaponry all designed to end this current civilization. In fact, the bible predicts that this world will be burned up, and all the elements will melt with fervent heat in the day of the Lord. In that day, the earth and all the works therein will be destroyed and consumed by fire (2 Peter 3:10).

In Modern Babylon, there is never a shortage of iniquitous acts ranging from pedophilia to murder to harvesting of human organs on the black market. You ever wonder why some of the world's wealthiest merchants and rulers of nations live well into their 90s? The trafficking of human organs has enabled many of them to live well beyond the average older person.

Look no further than Babylon to find a culture filled with pedophiles and mass murderers. This is the place to find the most depraved, homicidal, suicidal, and sociopathic individuals on the planet. Living in Babylon has been the Elm Street where the Freddie Krugers of the world have haunted for human souls. Living in Modern Babylon has made the real ancient Babylon (in Mesopotamia) look like a vacation even though the Hebrews were held captive in Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar for many years.

Not one person is truly physically free in Modern Babylon no matter how they've programmed your mind to think you are. If you can not quit your job right now and still pay your bills/rent/mortgage, etc. and maintain your same lifestyle for the next six months to a year with zero income, then you are not truly free. This probably means you have no savings. Most working adults should have at least six months' of savings for a rainy day in Babylon. However, the government is taking half of our checks in taxes! Add child expenses, food, healthcare costs and healthcare insurance (which is mandatory!), and it becomes almost impossible to have six months' of savings just in case you lose your main source of income.

In captivity, you are not free to make your own choices because your choices have already been prearranged or predetermined without your consent or approval. Unless you don't mind being a bum on the streets, you have to get out of your bed and go do physical labor for another man's or woman's benefit while they're giving you barely enough money to survive. Sometimes, you are subjected to your employer's harassing behavior because you are not in a financial position to just walk off the job. The only power you may have in this situation is to file a sexual harassment suit or file a workplace harassment claim. The only power you also have is in the Lord God whom you must believe will protect you from the power of the enemy (seen and unseen). A black woman in Babylon has to look up to the Higher Power or else she'll be eaten alive by the wolves. There is no place on this planet that is safe for a woman or child except under the wings of the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth, that is, if you believe and trust in Him. The Lord God has hidden me from the worst of the worst of evil doers. Or else I would have been destroyed by them. There is a much higher probability for women and children to be exploited, abused, tortured, raped, molested, sold in sex trafficking rings, and sold to wealthy people as private slaves.

In Babylon, the Ancient of Days has been rejected and cast aside like a snotty rag, and evil doers outnumber the righteous. I cannot imagine living in this place without relying on the Lord God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, for my guidance and protection. I can't imagine not relying on my God-given intuition to protect myself from the wiles and devices of evil doers. If you ask me, would I rather have the choice to live outside of Babylon or live in another realm where there's real peace/happiness or just live outside of this present world in a better and heavenly realm, I'd more than likely say, "Yes, I'd rather die than live in Babylon. I'd rather die to live eternally in the kingdom of the Most High. I'm already dying daily. I'm dying to my old sinful nature." That is why in the kingdom of God is peace, joy, goodness, meekness, temperance, because in the kingdom of Babylon is confusion, chaos, unhappiness, strife and every work of evil. The kingdom of God can dwell within you through the Spirit of the Most High. But you cannot continue rejecting the Most High and think that He doesn't see your rejection. He will return to His Holy Place, and you will continue to suffer His anger until you acknowledge Him.

I am not from this world. I am not of this world. This is not my home, and it never will be. Babylon holds captives. The only way to escape this type of captivity is through physical death or through sitting in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. In this chaotic world of death and immorality, you need to be sitting in heavenly places in Christ Jesus just to be able to escape the pollution of this world, both physical and spiritual pollution. They're poisoning the atmosphere daily. Poisoning the food and water supply. More people than I care to hear about are dying of alcohol poisoning, drug overdose, or drug-related illnesses and other complications. Babylon is full of vice and folly. A national opioid epidemic is impacting the entire culture, which is also a culture of oppression as a result of greedy corporations and a government that doesn't truly care about the well-being and improvement of economically impoverished citizens. We have a nation full of abusers who beat their wives and girlfriends. A violent culture of evil doers who sexually abuse women and underage girls. You think you're going to continue to do evil and it not be recompensed? We have a community full of broken people perpetuating evil upon itself. The head is sick, and thus the whole body.

Babylon is not for the faint in heart. You have to be mentally and spiritually strong to survive in this place. Even then, you're barely surviving. Generosity from others and the grace of God has gotten me through some situations that I didn't clearly see my way through initially. In the climate of confusion, I had to stand strong, and hold on to my values and integrity. Were it not for a few good influences early in my life, I probably would've been consumed by Babylon.

I speak to you out of Babylon, the place of confusion that has enslaved the souls of many. Sitting in the midst of Babylon, I see the world for what it truly is, and I don't want to waste another twenty years in Babylon. This is a place where divine judgment is happening. The future is not  good for Babylon. Neither for the inhabitants who love Babylon.

Babylon is in biblical prophecy as being the political power that brings about a one-world government system and will give absolute authoritarian rulership to one man who will rise to quick prominence and be the one world leader that the inhabitants will worship. Those whose names were not written in the book of life of the Lamb will worship the beast foretold by the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Political Babylon gave power to Spiritual Babylon, according to the prophesies of Revelation Chapter 13.

Babylon is not this God country that everybody keeps saying. It has a dual personality like the majority of world leaders. It appears to be innocent-looking from the outside but at its core is the most depraved and sinister acts known and unknown to man.

Babylon continued the Transatlantic slave trade long after European nations like Great Britain no longer hosted institutionalized slavery. Babylon created a permanent underclass through enslaving the Black natives that were already here on this soil and enslaving the continental natives from primarily West Africa. As a result of a permanent underclass of poor and Black citizens, everyone has been able to exploit the American descendants of slaves. When they turned my ancestors loose from the plantations, their slavery continued as they were exploited as sharecroppers. Today, greedy corporations continue to exploit Black people. Creating a permanent underclass has made the most vulnerable within the community easy prey for the depraved persons that continue to abuse those who are powerless and ignored. When Black children and women go missing, there is no great urgency by the leaders and mainstream media to shine a spotlight on those missing. But if a celebrity goes missing, everybody in the world will know about it. Everybody is able to exploit Black American citizens. Everybody is able to make Black people disappear and harvest their organs. The Democratic party exploit Black people. The government exploit Black people. There is a genocide of Black people in the United States. The Democratic party continues to ignore the plight of Black people, and believes that we are obligated to stay loyal to Democratic leaders. But I'm not going to cast my vote for any candidate who doesn't care about the well-being of Black people (American descendants of slaves), and our concerns as they pertain to economic equality, police violence, racial violence, the disproportionate number of Black inmates, and crime in our communities. Predators have been able to prey freely on Black children because they happen to be the most impoverished people in the country besides the children of rich NBA, NFL and MLB players as well as the children of rich entertainers whose parents know how to manage their money. R. Kelly should be one of the richest men in America. But in Babylon, there are Black superstars that look rich and should be wealthy but their net worth reflect the true reality of being a Black entertainer in this country.

R. Kelly was recently charged with ten counts of criminal sexual abuse. The judge set his bail at $1 million. However, R. Kelly spent three nights in Cook County Jail due to not being able to come up with $100,000 to make bail. A friend posted his bail on Monday. R. Kelly has allegedly preyed upon underage girls for decades. The Lifetime documentary series, Surviving R. Kelly shined a spotlight on issues that are prevalent among impoverished communities. Those issues are child sex abuse, sexual abuse of women, and sex cults.

Babylon is at the core of human trafficking including sex trafficking that takes place around the world. Your children are not truly safe. This is not an environment where your children will go untouched. Most likely, at some point in their lives, something will happen to them or closely related to them. They may be affected directly or indirectly.

Babylon is a corrupter of children and of innocence. The mainstream media corrupts your children. The images on the Android and iPhone corrupts your children. Family members corrupt children. Institutions corrupt children. A broken community is a direct consequence of your action and inaction. You set the morality inside your home that your children will either follow or not follow. A bad example from the beginning set the tone for future behavior and consequences for that behavior. Institutionalized slavery defined Babylon, and it will be the enslaving of men's souls in Babylon under the one-world religious system that will be one factor in its destruction.

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