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The African Holocaust in the New World

The African Holocaust in the New World

Written by Alberta L. Parish

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All Rights Reserved

Chapter 1

 After hundreds of years of racist economic policies, genocide and domestic terrorism, we are survivors having descended primarily from the ancestors out of West Africa who were kidnapped and shipped to the New World beginning in the 15th Century.  Our European Catholic and Protestant enemies having recognized the true wealth, identity, and original heritage of our ancestors as a nation issued edicts designed to seal the doom of future generations.  Pope Martin V issued a papal bull in 1441 sanctioning the Portuguese trade in African slaves. The first African slaves were shipped to the island of Hispaniola in 1502. Survival was the main reason the European kings and queens as well as their Protestant and Catholic allies sent their subjects to the New World to seek riches, and they found an abundance of resources, which included land and the rich foods that grew from the ground.  They also found the inhabitants of these lands, which had already occupied the New World for thousands of years.

 It is an historical fact that Black Jewish empires existed in West Africa.  You won’t find this history in many books, because there has been a concerted effort to keep this fact hidden from Black Americans.

 The Hebrew Heritage of Our West African Ancestors is a book co-authored by Steven Jacobs and Rudolph Windsor, which was first printed in the United States in 1971.  Jacobs and Windsor wrote that, “Very few if any standard textbooks discuss the fact that most white Jews are descendants of Greeks, Romans, Armenians and others who adopted Judaism as their religion during the period of its greatest expansion in the Mediterranean area.  Very few if any textbooks deal with the fact that black Dravidians inhabited the region contiguous with the Middle East until the white Aryans pushed them into the southern half of the Indian peninsula.”

 Jacobs and Windsor continued, “The following are the words of Dr. Williams which summarize his reasons for pursuing the subject.  He says that “to understand properly the spirit and aspirations of the Jamaican peasant, a close study of the (African) Ashanti themselves became necessary.  And this study, in turn, led to some rather startling results and conclusions.

 “In the first place,” he continues, “many Hebrewisms were discovered in Ashanti tribal customs.  Then several Ashanti words were found to have a striking resemblance to those of equivalent Hebrew meaning. Finally, the Supreme Being of the Ashanti gave strong evidence of being the Yahweh (God) of the Old Testament.

 “The question,” he says, “naturally arose, how to explain these parallels of cultural traits?  Should they be ascribed to mere coincidence or independent development?  Or have we here a remarkable instance of diffusion across the entire breadth of Africa?  Is it possible to establish even a partial historical contact between the Ashanti of today and the Hebrews of fully two thousand years ago, or more?”

 The answers to these questions Professor Williams deduces can be found “by trying to trace the story of the dispersion of the Jews” from the Middle East and by studying the “tribal beliefs and practices and the records of early European travelers, particularly those who had written of the manners and customs of the African black man.”

 What is the geographical and historical significance of the Ashanti of West Africa about whom Dr. Williams concentrates the first part of his study?  The answer is that the Ashanti represent a large grouping of peoples, not an isolated tribe, about whom a fair amount of information is known.  Of equal importance, the Ashanti and related groups of people also inhabit an area roughly the same as that from which the slave ancestors of most Black Americans came” (The Hebrew Heritage of Our West African Ancestors, 20).

 The Roman Catholic Church and all nations have directly profited from the destruction, enslavement, and economic oppression of Black Americans. The Catholic Church sanctioned the enslavement of Africans. The Pope never practiced the teachings of the biblical Jesus, and hid the true identity of Christ as a short black man. The Catholic Church has absolutely nothing to do with the worship of the biblical Black Messiah or the teachings he espoused.  In fact, Roman Catholicism is modern-day paganism.

 By the 15th Century, the Christianity of white Europeans was vastly different from that of the first followers of Christ that were “dark people” known as Hebrew Israelites that inhabited the country of Judea, which was already a Roman-occupied province during the time of Christ.  The first government-sponsored persecution of Christians (of Hebrew heritage) who identified themselves as followers of Christ occurred under the reign of Nero in 64 A.D.  There were also Greek and Roman followers of the Black Judean Messiah who were called Christians that were also hunted down and killed under Nero’s orders.  But the Christians (i.e., Hebrews) who followed Christ’s teachings were primarily targeted by Roman officials, which is why James, the brother of Jesus was killed in Jerusalem.  In fact, all of Jesus’ original disciples except for John were martyred by the Romans.  There was a Roman agenda dating back as early as the First Century to put an end to the Judean rebellions once and for all.  However, there were several Judean-Roman wars.  The first war was from 66 to 73 A.D.  After Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 A.D., many of its inhabitants fled into Cush, Mizraim and Anatolia.  Hundreds were also crucified and many more enslaved.  Judea was a black land like Mizraim, Cush and Anatolia. In fact, Palestine (i.e., Judea; Israel) was part of Africa.

 In order to subjugate and control another nation, the Romans had a policy of killing a nation’s leaders who could rally the people against them.  The Romans knew that the people of Judea had a reputation for their many insurrections against past rulers and oppressors, which included the Assyrians, Persians and Greeks.

 The Hebrew Israelites during the time of Christ were under systematic oppression by Roman authorities.  Although the biblical Black Messiah did not espouse violence, would he have been the kind of man to not speak out against the violence being perpetuated by the Romans against the people he knew and loved?

 Since Catholic and Protestant officials force-fed Black Jews a false image of the biblical savior even though the earliest depictions of Christ showed him as a short black man having twelve black followers, could they not have also distorted the image of the biblical Jesus for their own political and economic gains?  For our oppressors, it was a matter of whoever controlled the image of the biblical Messiah would also control the minds of a subjugated and enslaved people.  If the color of Jesus did not matter, why was he then depicted as a white male?  Why does a white savior continue to be perpetuated in books and movies?  Is this the reinforcing of a racist ideology that perpetuates the idea of a white God who saved Black people from paganism?  How far back does the white-washing of biblical personalities originate?  Biblical figures such as Moses, Abraham, David, Solomon, the mother of Christ and Christ’s siblings; were they not all white-washed to serve the political and economic agendas of European Popes?

 Although the biblical Black Messiah was no threat to Roman authorities, he was a threat to the Judean religious leaders who pressured the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate to execute him on the grounds of sedition and inciting an insurrection against Roman authorities.  Jesus forbade His followers to not take up the sword to defend their religious faith, but yet the Roman Catholic Church took up the sword many times to propagate and defend their idolatrous religion as well as the Papal State.  An immoral people claiming to be followers of Christ never practiced what Christ actually commanded.

 I think the Black Jews who were among the first disciples of the biblical Black Messiah and those who followed him for the next two hundred years were possibly some of the most moral people living in an immoral society and surrounded by many enemies, which included their Roman oppressors.  To this same day, Black Jews are surrounded by enemies.

 The system of white supremacy is an immoral system that has economically, politically, and socially terrorized and oppressed entire nations around the world as well as Black American citizens.  The time for global terrorism by white supremacists has reached a boiling point in which it has fueled suicide bombings and mass killing of Americans in foreign lands.  These suicide bombers obviously do not care about losing their life if it means putting an end to their oppression and their country’s occupation by their enemies. 

 No matter how much good Jesus did, the Romans still tortured him.  Then, they ultimately crucified him in a public spectacle just like Black men and Black women were publicly executed in regular lynchings and their bodies mutilated for hundreds of years after 1865.  Nat Turner, who led a slave rebellion, was mutilated and his skin used to make leather products.  Black bodies hanging from trees all over the United States is a common occurrence.  In the past ten years, there have been at least thirty or more lynchings of Black people throughout the United States.  All of these killings were not reported by the mainstream media.  Since there are six major T.V. networks in the United States—all owned by white people—the racial killings of Black people often go unreported and/or under reported by the mainstream media.

 The dominant society does not care about poor Black people.  In 2005, the nation watched Black New Orleans residents drowning in flood water, standing on rooftops, crying for help, and stranded in the Superdome while waiting for the National Guard and other government officials to rescue them.  There were also reports of white police officers shooting unarmed Black men, but it was not reported by the mainstream media.  Thousands of Hurricane Katrina victims were trapped inside the Superdome for days where girls and women were raped.  There are reports by New Orleans residents who claim they heard a loud blast only to later discover that the levees that held back the waters from the Industrial Canal had broken.  But did the levees break or were they blown up?  Many people believe the levees were blown up, because the government wanted control of the land where generations of Black people had lived.

 After the levees broke causing water to overflow New Orleans’ historic lower ninth ward, contractors were sent to rebuild the houses destroyed by flood water.  But many contractors abandoned the lower ninth ward, and twelve years later Black residents are still struggling to rebuild their homes.  Like Black New Orleanians, much of Black America struggles to build wealth and thriving communities.  We collectively lack major economic resources to compete with every other group, which includes the White American, Irish, British, Scottish, Spaniards, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, European Jew, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arab, and more.  It was hundreds of years of U.S. Government policies that kept Black people economically oppressed.  Therefore, it will take government policies to undo the harm caused through chattel slavery as well as racist policies perpetuated against Africans and their descendants currently residing throughout North America who have been classified as African Americans.

 If every Black person decided to migrate from this land or just stop going to the corporate plantations every day, what would become of the Stock Market?  If there was a mass exodus in which Black Americans fled from this land and into foreign lands, what foreign government would not try and take advantage of the descendants of slaves?  Foreign governments around the world know that Black Americans are the most impoverished and oppressed group on the planet.

  If white Catholics and Protestants really followed the teachings of Christ who, according to the Four Gospels, taught His followers to love their enemies, why did Roman Catholic popes sanction the enslavement of Africans by the Portuguese, Spaniards, French, British and other colonialists?  Along with their Catholic and Protestants allies, European rulers sent my ancestors to their deaths upon slave ships docked at African coastal ports, which later crossed the Atlantic Ocean into a land where Native Americans were enslaved, raped, tortured, mutilated and slaughtered.  Papal edicts justified the kidnapping, rape, abuse, genocide and oppression of entire populations in the pursuit of an abundance of riches and resources that were found in the New World.  An immoral people calling themselves followers of Christ never truly subscribed to His teachings, and sanctioned institutionalized slavery of Africans and indigenous peoples of this land for hundreds of years.  Such practices have created generational poverty among the survivors of the African holocaust, the majority of which continue to reside under economic oppression in the United States.

 Only a few hundred rich Black Americans, primarily athletes and entertainers have carved out a small piece of the American pie.  But yet there is a huge wealth gap between Black Americans and other groups.  In the last two decades, White Americans and other groups have collectively risen out of poverty while Black Americans remain at the bottom of the economic scale.  The children of the survivors of the European Jewish holocaust have received reparations.  The Native Americans have received reparations.  The Japanese Americans have received reparations.  Government policies and institutionalized slavery created generational poverty among Black Americans.  Now, it is time for the U.S. Government to create policies to bridge the wealth gap between Black Americans and other groups.  But White supremacists have no interest in seeing Black Americans collectively rise out of poverty.  In fact, it is more advantageous for them if Black people remain a permanent underclass. 

 Wealthy white people love rich Black people like LeBron James and Oprah Winfrey, because they help to create black consumers for white-owned corporations who target young black consumers, because this group tends to spend hundreds of dollars individually on Nike products, and are watching hundreds of hours of television each week with commercials full of advertisements specifically aimed at them.  They are the biggest consumer group, and also the most targeted by white police officers.  Young black men are often demonized in mainstream media.  Like Adolf Hitler who demonized the European Jews by way of German media, Black Americans are demonized in national and local media.  In fact, Hitler and the Nazi Party were able to rise to power and lead Germany into World War II due to a propagandist agenda aimed at demonizing the European Jews.  Eventually, the Nazis created economic policies to strip the German, Polish, and Austrian Jews of their wealth.  They created discriminatory laws, which turned the European Jews into a permanent underclass.  Ghettos were created to segregate the Jews from their German, Polish, and Austrian neighbors.  The Nazis were later able to justify the mass extermination of European Jews after years of economic policies, which rendered them economically powerless throughout Germany, Poland, Austria, and other parts of Europe.  The same economic policies the Nazis created are the same policies that have effectively kept Black Americans as a permanent underclass.  Ghettos were built to segregate Black Americans from other groups.  Like the Nazis who demonized Jews as an immoral people, Black Americans are regularly criminalized.  Through the criminalization of Black Americans, mass incarcerations of Black people have been justified.  Similar to the Nazis justifying the mass killings of European Jews, the torture, rape and enslavement of Africans and American Blacks have also been justified by our oppressors.

 Today, police brutality against Black people continues to be justified by the dominant society just like it was justified during the 1950s and 1960s.  The Black Jewish holocaust has occurred from the 15th Century until our present time, but where are our reparations?  Where are the reparations for the destruction of our communities during the 1970s, 80s and 90s through the illegal drug trade? 

 In 1971, Richard Nixon implemented a government policy on the prohibition of illegal drugs, which really meant a war on Black America.  There is sufficient documented evidence that the CIA was responsible for putting cocaine directly into the hands of gang members and drug dealers in the early 1970s.  Crack cocaine suddenly surfaced on the streets of Oakland and other major urban cities, which destroyed generations of Black Americans causing mass incarcerations and drug-related fatalities.

 The domestic policies of the United States were designed to perpetuate the system of white supremacy.  Great profits are made from economically oppressing Black Americans.  The ultra-wealthy who is less than 1% of the population has a vested interest in keeping Black Americans economically oppressed, because our oppression creates generational wealth for their descendants.  Over 95% of the working-class poor in the United States are Black Americans.  If Black Americans migrated from the United States, the Stock Market would crash within days.  If all Black athletes left the MLB, NFL and NBA, and played professional sports overseas, the MLB, NFL and NBA owners would probably become bankrupt.  The MLB, NFL and NBA sporting arenas would lose billions of dollars during regular season games.  Television networks that broadcast these games would lose major advertisers.  If colleges and universities had no Black athletes, the schools would not be able to generate billions of dollars each year.  Nearly 100% of Black athletes come from generational poverty, which is why many decide to enter the NBA and NFL draft before they graduate from college.  Over 99% of Black athletes who earn scholarships to attend and play at a major university come from low income housing projects.

 Many working-class Black Americans go about their daily lives just trying to make ends meet.  We are survivors of the most atrocious acts ever committed against any group or nation.  Yet, we are still here.  We look at T.V. and see people that look like us who seems to be thriving while we’re only surviving from day to day.  However, what we don’t often see are the struggles that many Black American entertainers face in a white-male dominated Hollywood who really underpays women and the majority of Black entertainers.  Some Black entertainers do fairly well for a while until the good roles stop coming in.  Others get black balled if they don’t play by the rules of some very powerful people in Hollywood who own the studios and networks.  Some get passed over for certain movie and T.V. roles if they refuse to have sex with particular Hollywood personalities.  Black actors/actresses also get black balled by powerful Black producers, directors, and studio owners who are also agents of white supremacy.  We look at Black athletes like LeBron James, and secretly wish we had sons that could play basketball as good as James and had the same opportunity that James had to play for the NBA.  Some of us wish we were LeBron James so that we may end our cycle of generational poverty.  What about the many Black athletes that are not doing so well as James such as Colin Kaepernick, a former San Francisco 49er, that is currently unsigned?  His troubles started when he refused to stand for the U.S. national anthem before kickoff at a preseason game against the Green Bay Packers in 2016.  Kaepernick told the NFL media that he was “not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”  Many Black athletes would never have taken the position that Kaepernick took due to endorsements, deals with clothing and sneaker brands, and of course, their lucrative contract with the team.  Kobe Bryant has never publicly taken a stand during his NBA career against the systematic oppression of black people and people of color.  Neither have Magic Johnson, James Harden, Carmelo Anthony, Stephen Curry, etc.

 Five years ago, Colin Kaepernick was hailed as the next big NFL quarterback.  In 2013, this guy took the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl.  The 49ers played against the Baltimore Ravens, and lost by only three points.  No NFL owner wants Kaepernick, because they are scared the fans won’t show up at the stadium to cheer a team headed by Kaepernick.  If fans don’t show up at the games, it will cost NFL owners millions in revenue.  When you are owned by a white NFL owner, you can’t afford to be a Black revolutionary.  Any Black male athlete who wants to publicly fight against the system of racism and white supremacy will have to give up their NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS and NHL career.  You really can’t have it both ways.  You can’t really retain your professional career and be a revolutionary.  You can’t be a $40 million dollar slave and be a revolutionary who publicly opposes the oppression of black people in the United States.  White people primarily own all major industries: entertainment, sports, food production, apparel, retail, banking, etc.  They own the majority of manufacturing plants that make the chemical products that we use in our homes.  Today, there is only one Black American woman who owns and operates a manufacturing chemical plant, and her company is based in Chicago.

 The Internal Revenue Service is the Achilles heel of Black athletes and Black entertainers.  The only reason why Oprah Winfrey, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels even exist as millionaires is to serve the agenda of white supremacists who have built their brands off exploiting black people, particular young black consumers.  There have also been many Black entertainers who went from riches to bankruptcy.  In the last ten years, there have been at least a dozen Black entertainers who’ve been audited by the IRS.  Michael Jackson went from owning his own music catalog to not being able to pay his employees in the last few years of his life.  The IRS and Federal Reserve are white supremacist institutions that exploit poor people and Black Americans.  The U.S. Bankruptcy Court exists to keep Black Americans as a permanent underclass, and to exploit poor people whether they are White or non-White citizens.

 Black Americans are dealing with an immoral people who do not regard the young or elderly.  This is why Black children are 50 times more likely to end up dead, gunned down in the streets by racist cops.  In America, any Black person can lose his or her life just because he or she is a descendant of slaves.  The dominant society is apathetic to the economic disparities of Black Americans. 

 Here we are a permanent underclass in a society that made white men wealthy from the free labor our ancestors provided.  Assimilation with the dominant society, employment equality, and decent and affordable housing for Black Americans were at the core of the Civil Rights Movement.  However, our so-called 1950s and 60s leaders did not demand reparations for the descendants of slaves from the U.S. Government.  Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton did not demand reparations for Black Americans.  If you’re getting your tail literally beat on a regular basis by white racists, you would do anything to stop the beatings.  This is the generation my 76-year-old mother came from when Black Americans were publicly targeted by a dominant white supremacist society.  They were racially, politically and socially terrorized on a regular basis in which they did not have access to all sections of the job market, and they lived in deplorable conditions.

 White people’s wealth was gained through creating a permanent underclass (i.e., Black slaves) that worked from sun up to sun down without monetary compensation, and were also exploited, raped, and used for medical research.  Black babies were used as alligator bait.  Black men were castrated and burned alive.  Black people’s teeth were extracted and used as dentures for white people.

 Victims of Chicago gun violence are predominantly Black children and Black young adults.  Coinciding with incidences of gun violence in places like Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, the District of Columbia, etc. is a huge organ harvesting industry, which is also connected to human trafficking.  Not only do we have thousands of missing Black children from major U.S. cities, but the increase in gun violence in these cities have created tens of millions of dollars annually for those dealing in organ trafficking.

 Recently, President Trump sent federal agents to Chicago to help combat the city’s gun violence, but what if gang members aren’t solely responsible for the carnage?  What if shadowy figures are at work in the mass murder of Chicago’s citizens?  Chicago’s gangs have been infiltrated by agents who look like them, break laws like them, act like them, and live in the same urban neighborhoods.  Chicago like Flint is an experiment.  To this day, the water in Flint, Michigan is still undrinkable.  The citizens in Flint are suffering from serious health issues as a result of the poisoned water.  I suspect that the citizens are being poisoned through the food.  The citizens of Flint have become guinea pigs for medical experiments by the U.S. Government, because this is the kind of genocidal acts that have always been committed against Black people including Native Americans.

 The U.S. Government’s COINTELPRO was created by J. Edgar Hoover to destabilize not only the Civil Rights Movement but the Black Liberation Movement.  FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover sent black agents among the Black Panther Party, among Civil Rights activists such as Martin Luther King, and among Nation of Islam members such as Malcolm X.  Through COINTELPRO, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, and many others were neutralized and eventually eliminated.  COINTELPRO’S covert operations also demonized any social awareness of the systematic oppression of Black Americans by the U.S. Government.  The mainstream media was complicit in suppressing the real truth behind Fred Hampton’s, Malcolm X’s, and Martin Luther King’s assassinations. 

 The Black Lives Matter organization was formed to protest police brutality perpetuated against Black Americans.  However, the organization has taken a different turn in the past two years.  Like the Black Panther Party that also began to combat police brutality and institutionalized racism against Black Americans, the Black Lives Matter organization has been infiltrated by government agents.  The police killings of unarmed Black Americans such as John Crawford III, Ezell Ford, Dante Parker, Tanisha Anderson, Akai Gurley, Tamir Rice, Rumain Brisbon, Jerame Reid, Tony Robinson, Phillip White, Eric Harris, Walter Scott, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Dontre Hamilton and hundreds of others over the past several years are a constant reminder of the domestic policies perpetuated against Black people that has kept generations of our families in poverty and rendered Black Americans as a permanent underclass.  Impoverished neighborhoods breed criminals, because desperate people will do anything to survive and feed their family.  The privatized prison owners have made billions of dollars due to the economic oppression of Black Americans.  White capital is contingent upon Black people’s failure.  Poor children do not get the best education unless they go to an all-white private school with a great academic program.  But these schools are usually unaffordable for most Black Americans, especially if a Black kid is being raised by only one parent.  The average household income for a Black American family with both parents is $1,700 per month.  The public schools have been failing Black children since the 1970s.  Since Black children aren’t being taught how to start their own businesses but instead are taught how to work for corporations, many high school graduates enroll in expensive colleges/universities.  Now, they have student debt and no job once they graduate.  Many are underemployed, and they owe the U.S. Government between $60,000 and $200,000, which many will not be able to pay back during their lifetime.  The annual death rate for Black Americans is much higher than White Americans.  Planned Parenthood is responsible for the highest infant mortality rate among Black women since Planned Parenthood facilities exist in predominantly Black neighborhoods.  Poor Black women have greater pregnancy difficulties due to poor diet, stress, and racist medical professionals who don’t care about Black women, especially poor Black women.  The stem cells from aborted babies are being sold on the black market.  The stealing of body parts have created new industries and careers that did not exist 150 years ago.  When prison inmates end up dead, their organs are removed and sold on the black market.

 Racist policies in the U.S. judicial system perpetuated by white supremacist judges and attorneys as well as Black people acting as agents of white supremacy have disproportionately incarcerated generations of Black men and Black women, many of whom were incarcerated because they were political activists like Assata Shakur.  The Shakurs have always been targets by the U.S. Government.  Mutulu Shakur is currently serving a 60-year prison sentence for some trumped-up criminal charges from the 1980s.  Assata Shakur, a former member of the Black Panther Party, became a target in the late 1970s after having been accused of killing a New Jersey state trooper.  But members of the Black Liberation Army helped Assata escape from an all-male prison in 1979.  Assata later received asylum in Cuba where she reside to this same day.  During the Obama administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation added Assata to the Most Wanted Terrorists list declaring her a domestic terrorist.  This woman was shot twice while her hands were up in the air and later tortured in the hospital emergency room, but yet she is supposed to be a domestic terrorist.  She never pulled the trigger, but yet has been declared by the U.S. Government as the most dangerous woman alive.

 By destroying young Black men, white supremacists could cut off an entire generation and ensure that no other revolutionary could come through that same family tree.  This is also the reason for the many killings of unarmed Black men by predominantly white police officers.  The American police force has become militarized over the past several decades, because America will eventually be a Police State.  Black people are waking up to the reality that if we don’t do something to break the cycle of racist policies as well as economic oppression of Black Americans, we could all end up like the German Jews in concentration camps getting burned alive, starved, raped, tortured, experimented upon, and shot in the head.  Chicago, Detroit, Flint, and New Orleans are all experiments designed to test our psychology, physiology, character, endurance, tolerance, morality, etc.  Black ghettos are also experiments like the German Jewish ghettos and Auschwitz.  America’s prisons are the new Auschwitz.  The U.S. Government created ghettos to section off poor Black people from the rest of the population.  The German government created ghettos to section off the German Jews from the rest of the population.  The U.S. Government owes Black Americans reparations for the wealth it stole from our ancestors, and for creating generational poverty among the descendants of slaves.

 Whenever there is one segment of the population who is routinely demonized by WSB, ABC, and the other alphabet stations, it becomes easy for lawmakers to justify building more prisons while cutting federal funding to poor school districts.  One group of people constantly being demonized through all forms of mass communication makes it easy for the dominant society to deny civil rights to victims of discrimination, racism, and police brutality.  Demonizing Black men makes it easy for white cops to shoot unarmed Black men even when their hands are in the air.  Demonizing Black people makes it easy for white cops to racially profile a Black person.  Demonizing Black people also makes it easy for rich Black people to exploit poor Black people.

 Everybody profits from Black people’s shortcomings and failures.  Many Black Americans are in a “Sunken Place” economically, psychologically, emotionally, morally, and socially.  The “Sunken Place” for many Black Americans is homelessness, joblessness, underemployment, employment discrimination, systemic racism, workplace harassment, mental illness, domestic violence, and the prison industrial complex as well as racial disparities in the criminal justice system.  That “Sunken Place” also include generational poverty.

 Today, having a college degree does not guarantee the average Black American a job in their field of study or a successful career in Corporate America.  Many Black people are poor and homeless, because they lost their jobs or careers.  There are so many Black U.S. veterans who fought in the Vietnam War, Korean War, Iraq War, Persian Gulf War, etc. who are currently homeless.

 On July 7, 2017, a Black U.S. Vietnam veteran went inside a Wells Fargo Bank on Windy Hill Road in Marietta claiming that he had a bomb.  The suspect was Brian Easley who “was a homeless Marine veteran who served two tours in Iraq with a supply company.”  Easley claimed he had a bomb that could take out an entire room.  The suspect later released the hostages.  Easley was killed after officials breached the front door of the bank using a robot.  This U.S. veteran claimed that he had no food and could no longer pay for his hotel room.  He spoke about his negative experiences with the Department of Veterans Affairs (Cavitt, & et al.).  Easley’s brother and other family members claimed that he was desperate for help.  There is a long history of Black veterans returning from wars, and not being able to find decent employment.  Many Black veterans who had returned to the U.S. following their service in World War II were lynched all over the United States, but this is a part of history that those who write history often don’t highlight.  Many Black veterans who had returned from Vietnam in the 1970s ended up homeless because they weren’t being hired by employers.  Most of them also became drug addicts, and ended up dying from a drug overdose.  Easley had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.  Law enforcement officials reported that there was no bomb in the suspect’s possession.  This is a man that cried out for help that he never received.

 Killing U.S. veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder is the government’s answer to combating mental illness in this country.  Government officials can’t have too many Brian Easleys in the world exposing the unconstitutional and discriminatory practices of government agencies like the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.   The U.S. Government can’t have too many Black leaders opposing the system of racism and white supremacy.  Remember, they killed Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Fred Hampton, and many others to prevent the rise of a Black Messiah.  They neutralized the Black Liberation Army and Black Panther Party to prevent the rise of a Black Messiah.  They neutralize today’s Black leaders in the U.S. Congress and Senate. 

 Most Black Americans voted for Barack Obama, because he was a Black man.  Most Black people thought Obama cared about the economic struggles of single Black mothers.  We thought he cared about poor people, especially poor Black people.  But this is a man who spent his life surrounded by white people.  Most of us thought Obama would bring about real change in Washington politics and throughout America that would uplift poor people economically.  However, the only change that Obama brought was making ultra-wealthy white people even wealthier due to his own vested interests.

Chapter 2

 Before the Civil Rights Act, a segregated society was the status quo. White people didn’t want Black Americans living in the same neighborhoods as them, eating in the same restaurants, using the same public facilities, and working alongside them.  Now that the Civil Rights Act made it possible for Black Americans to live, work and breath alongside White people, the dominant society has instituted a steady stream of programs to price Black Americans out of the American Dream. Today, the unemployment and underemployment rate of Black Americans are triple that of other groups.   

 Black billionaires like Oprah Winfrey do not represent Black America.  Although she has created a billion-dollar media empire, the majority of her employees are white people. There are too many Black college graduates with degrees in mass media, film and television, and documentary filmmaking to not employ at least an equal amount of Black people and White people.

 Black media moguls like Oprah were constantly in our living rooms during the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s teaching Black women how to be independent and husband-free.  She epitomized Black feminism, which has never really benefited Black women.  White America embraced her.  She influenced many other women journalists that came behind her.  Unfortunately, there aren’t too many Black women who own corporations that employ at least a hundred or more people.  In 2004, a Black woman became the sole owner of a chemical manufacturing plant, according to Urban Intellectuals.  She is the only Black woman in the United States to own a manufacturing plant based in Chicago.  The fact that she is the only Black American to own and operate a manufacturing plant should be a real wake-up call to all Black people of adult age.  Does this Black woman have children?  If so, will any of her children take over her business when she is dead?  I highly doubt that.  Let me tell you why.  Our pre-college educational system was designed to keep us begging other groups for our own economic survival.  Furthermore, the end result of a government-sponsored education being taught to black children is to brainwash them to get a college degree and work as a manager at the company, which most likely will be owned by the son or daughter of a white millionaire or billionaire.

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