Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Which is the Stronger Person: The Bully or the One Who Walks Away

Written by Alberta Parish

My mother wasn't a physical fighter. She didn't go around getting in fist fights or starting physical altercations. Neither was she the type that kept mess going. She wasn't a bully like some of you. In fact, she was not an aggressive person. Because she was a passive person all her life, she met a lot of obstacles along with individuals who were not kind to her. She dealt with a lot of Individuals that didn't do right by her. All the qualities that people claim makes a person appear to be a weakling, that was my mother. But I say to all you bullies that my mother was actually the stronger person for not being or becoming a bully like you. She was the stronger person for not showing aggression, even when she was justified. My mother was the tougher one for not taking vengeance on those who wronged her or humiliated her. It takes a certain amount of humility and strength of character to walk away from a physical altercation before it even starts or quash a disagreement or love evil people who don't deserve it. Some of you are the most despicable individuals and yet the Most High loves you in spite of your shortcomings, moral failures, and wickedness.

Regardless of how weak and vulnerable my mother appeared to these vampires that leech off good and kind people, she was the better person for not allowing them to cause her to do something that she may have later regretted. She was the better person for keeping the peace. She was the stronger person for choosing to do good to others instead of evil.

If only the world comprised the majority of people with the same qualities and spirit as my late mother, this would be a far more righteous place in which we could thrive. The idea of everyone helping each other to have what each person may be lacking is a concept foreign to many families and much of humanity. Through our selfish motivations, we will come to ruin. By our own evil inventions, we are being destroyed.

My mother was almost child-like in her approach to the way she dealt with problems, situations, family members, and people that like to bully others. Jesus said, "Except ye become as little children, ye shall in no wise inherit the kingdom of heaven." Little children are for the most part innocent. It is only later when they become corrupted by those adults in whose care they're entrusted. It is adults who corrupt the children, causing children to sin in their deeds. There are many adults that should never have been caretakers of children. Many should never have been parents or legal guardians.

My mother was a parent. She didn't have a lot of money but she had a lot of love and caring. She had a lot of patience. She had virtue. She had grace. She had empathy. She made a few mistakes but she kept me from the wolves. She didn't fight me. She didn't humiliate me in front of other people. Most of all, she didn't corrupt me.

How many of you can say you have not corrupted your
own children?

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