Wednesday, December 19, 2018

I've Never Known What Freedom Feels Like Due To A Capitalist Society

Written by Alberta Parish

In order to be a successful capitalist, one must exploit others. Capitalism was originally a system built on the slave labor of stolen Africans from the continent and also the indigenous peoples of this land. All successful capitalists gained their wealth by way of economic exploitation. Generational wealth has been created by way of the slave trade of Africans and indigenous peoples all around the world. Getting ahead in this capitalist society usually means one must exploit those who do not have economic power. Neither do they possess the means of production.

There are billions of people living on this planet. Yet, there is less than one percent of the population who are considered the ultra-wealthy. This means most people on the planet are living either in poverty or they're middle class. The middle class are considered doctors, lawyers, judges, law enforcement officials, etc. In the event they lose their careers, they could lose everything and become poor.

Since most people on this planet do not own manufacturing or food plants, we have no means to produce our own food or apparel. Unless you produce your own resources (i.e., food, clothing, shoes, shelter), you will always be at the mercy of those who control all the world's resources.

I've never known what freedom feels like as someone who is completely reliant upon a capitalist system. Although, being a Christian, I feel a freedom in knowing that one day I will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven if I continue to walk upright before the Most High. However, I also understand that I will probably be subject to a capitalist system until the end of my life. Thus, I will probably always be forced to work jobs just so I can eat, and pay my expenses.

Every day, under a system of capitalism, my choices have been removed from me. If I quit the work force, I can't pay my expenses. There's a great chance that I may end up completely homeless if I don't maintain a job. It is unnatural to exert all of our energy for the sole benefit of another or to make someone else rich while we're financially struggling or have nothing to show for our labor. Most people that earn a salary via punching a time clock are often overworked and underpaid. This is psychological warfare at its finest.

There is no such thing as financial freedom under a system of capitalism. If you have a student loan, there goes your financial freedom! If you have a mortgage note, there goes your financial freedom! Debt creates economic uncertainty and instability. Debt is a line of credit that you've accumulated through borrowing from an entity, corporation or financial institution. Credit is not backed up with actual money. Essentially, you've borrowed money that doesn't really exist. The United States Government currently owe trillions of dollars to the Federal Reserve and foreign powers. All of the dollars we use are promissory notes. This means a promise to pay back the monies owed. In other words, our dollars are worth nothing because it is all borrowed money from the Federal Reserve and foreign powers.

Capitalism was designed to be a system of oppression and servitude. Since we know food is needed for sustenance and we cannot survive without water, those who control these resources can effectively use them against us to maintain control over the masses. The power to control and manipulate the masses is their end game.

Jesus said, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32). Knowing the truth according to the word of the Most High has made me free from the deception of those who seek to control, manipulate and enslave the masses. As for riches, I have none. But what I do have is spiritual riches. I have the wisdom that comes from the Most High. I didn't sell my soul for riches. I didn't rob and exploit other people to get ahead. I didn't sell my body for money. I didn't kill for money. I kept my integrity.

The only thing the world can offer is hopelessness and deceitful riches. But in the Kingdom of God is peace, hope, love, goodness, mercy, faithfulness. The Kingdom of Heaven has many mansions, and riches that can never be imitated on Earth. Based on secular standards, I have nothing. But in the world to come, I will have everything and everlasting life.

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