Friday, December 21, 2018

Capitalism or Chattel Slavery: Which Is Worse?

Written by Alberta Parish

In a capitalist system, the average worker can never gain wealth from working a  regular J.O.B. unless he or she happens to be the CEO and top talent in the company. As a capitalist CEO or hedge fund guy, you will most likely see and experience the fruits of your labor, even if you really have no talent. Under a capitalist system, the average employee can work from twenty to thirty years for the same company and at the end of their life, they end up with nothing. In fact, they will mostly likely die with nothing. You've created generational wealth for the sole benefit of another while you and your family have nothing. This was the true origin of capitalism, which was created from the slave labor of continental Africans and indigenous peoples of this land. 

As an average American worker, you won't be any richer twenty or thirty years from now working for the sole benefit of someone else's pockets and creating generational wealth for someone else's family. Being an entrepreneurial capitalist (i.e., self-owned business) won't make your situation any different because you still exploit others in order to get ahead. 

In a capitalist system, any hedge fund guy can take over a company for the sole purpose of bankrupting it and still sleep at night having a clear conscience while  knowing he is about to end the livelihood of thousands of people without offering one dime in severance pay as he still makes millions from the bankruptcy. These are some of the most unscrupulous individuals on the planet. But these are your capitalists! These are the people who make you think twice about working for anybody! These are the people that make you want to live on welfare, and never punch a time clock again! 

Recently, I heard a social media commentary from the Young Turks on how the CEO of SEARS bankrupted the longtime retailer through his own hedge fund company called ESL. Under Chapter 11, he has received a huge payday worth millions of dollars. He is still making millions off purposely bankrupting this company. The top talent under him also received bonuses worth millions of dollars. However, all lower-staff workers were not only laid off but they did not receive one dime in severance pay.  

I guess another capitalist would have no problem with what this CEO did to thousands of employees. Many were probably longtime employees like supervisors and managers. But when you live under a capitalist system, this is what you're going to be faced with -- uncertainty, instability, and the prospect that you're going to die poor and broke. On the surface, your freedom has the appearance of freedom but you're just another expendable individual in a system that values worthless dollars over human life, equality, and fairness. You better not put all your hope in this life only! 

My mother didn't hang all her hopes in this present life only. From a young age, my  mother was forced to pick cotton to support the family. My grandparents had at least twelve kids between them. I remember how my mother struggled for years on jobs as she navigated from one job to another. I recall my mother working in a warehouse for Kraft Foods in the 1980's as she stood in water all day. Of course, she had problems with her feet as a result of standing in water all day long. My mother did this. Not because she really wanted to but this was her only option at that particular time. I was in the picture. She had to feed me. She had to provide shelter for me. She could've been one of those parents who didn't give a hoot about me. She could've aborted me, too. But she chose to have me. She could've been one of those mothers who become jealous of their own daughters, and physically, verbally and emotionally abused me. However, she gave me love even when she couldn't give me a better environment in which to grow. We lived in the projects of Miami. Liberty City. Anything could've happened to me. My dad died when I was six so there was nothing he could do to protect me from predators in our community. Were it not for divine providence and a loving mother, I could have been in the grave instead of here. Many of my childhood peers didn't make it.

Beginning in the 1990's, my mom took certain strides in trying to improve her financial situation and get us out of poverty. She even went back to school, and became a certified nursing assistant. And she did this with very little support from me. The more my mom tried to gain financial stability, the more she got knocked down by mainly other Black women on these jobs! That's right! I'm going to shine a spotlight on Black people in letting some of you know just how disgusted I am with you, especially knowing our history in this country under a capitalist-racist system where we already have one set of enemies but to have to deal with enemies from within our ranks. This was a tough pill to swallow. Even now, I see myself going through some of the same nonsense that my mom went through on these jobs for many years. My mom came home most nights from the last job she had as a certified nursing assistant physically and visibly upset due to a bunch of Black women giving her the toughest time. My mom was a very passive person. She wasn't the kind of person that kept mess going. She was a good person. Those women gave her a very hard time. One night, she came home and told me that she got suspended from the job for a false accusation. My mother was 68 years old at this time. Immediately, I told her to resign.

I will never place all my hope in this life only. There is nothing here for me except being exploited under a capitalist system.

1 Corinthians 15:19: "If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable." 

If only in this life you have hope in Christ, you will be miserable because you're not looking for Christ beyond this present world. You're not expecting a better place beyond this present realm of existence. 

Jesus said, "In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also (John 14:2-3). 

This present world can't be all there is. I refuse to accept that this is the best life I'm going to ever have after years of pain, crying, mourning and watching people I love die. After years of watching injustice, inequality, degradation of human beings, worldwide famine, pestilence and people getting away with enslaving other people, this can't be the only existence. There has to be a better world than this one. I'm looking forward to that "other" world, because I have hope. This is the kind of hope the world could never give me, because it does not have the capacity to give this type of hope to anyone. I am going to maintain my integrity and my hope in Christ, even to death.

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