Thursday, December 6, 2018

A Six-Year-Old Girl Says She Remembers Her Life in Heaven Before Being Born in the Earth

Written by Alberta Parish

This week, I listened to a recorded message of a conversation that a little girl had with her father about her life in Heaven before being born here on Earth. The conversation was recorded on May 6, 2017. At the time of the recorded message, the little girl was six years old as she told her dad how she remembers being in Heaven and deeply expressed how she wanted to go back to her home.

One night, the little girl told her father, as he was putting her to bed, to shut the door because she needed to tell him some things about Heaven. She began whispering to him about her memory of Heaven. She told her dad how she didn't know he was going to be her daddy, and how thankful she was for him being her daddy. She said in Heaven, they didn't know who was going to be their mom and dad. The little girl continued to express how she misses her home in Heaven. She said, "I miss Heaven. I wanna be back in Heaven. Can we go back?" The dad said that his little girl was almost crying. He asked her, "Why are you so upset?" She told her dad that she didn't like it here on Earth, and that she really wanted to go back to Heaven. She said that she wishes they could go back there. "I love Heaven. It is so much better than here. I really wanna go back," the little girl said. 

The little girl continued telling her dad that in Heaven are the most beautiful colors, not like on Earth. No color in Heaven could compare to what is here. The little girl said there are angels everywhere, and children everywhere. There are so many kids, so many people to play with. She talked about going to the donut shop in Heaven, and eating a certain donut. She said it was the best tasting donuts, and the best smells. She said in Heaven, all the buildings are transparent. You could see right through the buildings, because everything there is transparent. She said that we didn't have to worry about cleaning up because things went down through the clouds. She also told her dad that she had a teacher in Heaven. When her dad asked her about the teacher's name, she remembered his name was Jacob. She said that Jacob taught them all about Heaven and Earth and what was going to happen on Earth. 

In this phenomenal recording, the little girl said that she remembered being a soul in Heaven, and described her soul as a "green ghost." She said that she also knew she was going to be born on Earth. She didn't know whether she would be a girl or boy. But she knew she was going to be born at some point.

The little girl said that the best thing she remembers about being in Heaven is all the toys they used to play with. She said that she also remembers how Jesus read stories to her, in baby talk.

In listening to this wonder-filled testimony of a little child, I couldn't help but feel validation for my own thoughts of often feeling out of place in the world. I kind of always felt like I didn't belong here, like this little girl feels. I just don't remember anything about a past life in Heaven. I don't remember being a soul in Heaven. 

I was born to a loving mother and dad. I didn't really get a chance to know my dad because he died when I was six years old. I wholeheartedly concur with how this little girl feels. I don't like being here on Earth, and I cannot imagine how as a child what this little girl was feeling in that moment when she was telling her dad how she remembers being in Heaven, and also wishes she could go back there because she didn't like it here on Earth.

This planet called Earth is a horrible place for children to grow up in. Before the mind control program begins with her public or private education, this little girl already knows that there is something horribly wrong with this planet or on this planet. And it is the job of the powers that be to shape, mold, and twist the mind of this six-year-old and give her the illusion that everything on the planet is wonderful, that everything we see and the American way of life is just so normal. Meanwhile, the air is being poisoned, the food poisoned, the water poisoned, animals poisoned, babies poisoned with vaccinations, genocidal programs perpetuated all around the world, slavery all around the world, pedophile organizations all around the world, prostitution organizations all around the world, devil worship all around the world, human sacrifice victims everywhere, homelessness, famine, pestilence, injustice in the courts, the pipeline from the schools to the prisons, inequality everywhere, discrimination everywhere, racism everywhere, slave labor everywhere, corporations taking advantage of their employees!!!

It is the job of demons everywhere to ensure that this little girl loses her connection with the Divine Creator, the divine order, and Heaven. So I don't blame her for wanting to go back to Heaven. I'm already certain that Satan himself is going to come after her at some point in her life. He came after me, and still coming. I know he's coming and I can see him coming. This is an enemy that I'll never be able to shake while I'm on this planet in human form. My mama couldn't shake him. My grandma couldn't shake him either. Wish I could go back to Heaven, too, like the little girl in her testimony. I wanna go play, too, in Heaven. I wanna go eat at the donut shop, too, and taste some of those tasty donuts that the little girl was talking about. I wanna go learn at the University of God in Heaven, too.

I feel sorry for this little girl, because she has very little idea of the traps that will be set for her as she gets older and older in a satanic and dangerous environment called America.


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