Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Horse and His Rider

Written by Alberta Parish

Saturday morning, I had a dream about a little girl of American Caucasian ethnicity who was riding upon a beautiful horse as he was flying high in the sky. The little girl appeared to be no more than ten years of age. The horse had no wings as it climbed higher and higher in the sky. The horse ascended above the clouds with the rider on his back. He traveled outside of the earth's atmosphere still carrying the little girl.

While traveling in space, he entered a portal. The horse's speed accelerated as he traveled through this portal. I saw the little girl grab the horse tightly around the neck to hold on because the horse was traveling so fast. I also saw her form go through a metamorphosis while traveling inside the portal. The best way I can describe her transformation is I saw a multitude of what appeared to be lightning bolts that looked like pure crystal, which suddenly surrounded her form. Afterwards, I no longer saw her in the previous form or body that she had. 

At the end of the portal, the horse and the little girl had entered another world, which looked nothing like Earth with its array of beautiful colors and brightness. The horse then descended in a free-fall with the little girl. Although it appeared she fell off the horse during the free fall, she had wings to fly. So she flew until her feet touched down in this other world. It was here where my dream ended. 

This was the first time I've ever seen anything like this in a dream or vision. I know what I saw and the meanings of everything. The appearance of lightning bolts. A transfigured soul. The horse and his rider. A portal opening in outer space. A portal that lead to another dimension. All have significant meanings. 

For decades, we have heard stories about other-dimensional beings crossing over into our world through portals but how many people actually believe this? Hollywood has made these stories seem like mere fictional tales that have no place in reality. Many people around the world claim to have entered portals to another dimension upon near death. I've heard so many people speak about near-death experiences in which they claim that after they died, they ended up going through a tunnel of bright light. I've also heard other stories about people traveling through a dark vortex leading to another world where at the end of the vortex, they saw a terrifying place full of darkness and hopelessness. If a soul enters a portal to cross over into another dimension, then other-dimensional beings can also cross over into our world via those same portals. 

There are various dimensions where no human spacecraft can travel. Other dimensions that can only be reached through portals, or gateways between their world and ours. We haven't seen all there is to know about the known universe. We have only really just scratched the surface.

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