Monday, November 12, 2018

Migrant Caravan Approaching U.S. Border: Which is the Real Threat? The Elites or Illegal Immigrants

Written by Alberta Parish

The caravan of Honduran, El Salvadorian, and Guatemalan immigrants who are approaching the U.S. border via Mexico is a subject that I could no longer avoid to address. I've been watching and studying reports for days, and I view what is happening as a great sign. It is a sign to the United States.

President Trump has described this caravan as an invasion of our country. He said this will be a huge burden on our country. The President also doesn't view these people as asylum seekers. He said the United States cannot absorb them all into our country. He said illegal immigration affects the lives of all Americans. "Illegal immigration hurts American workers, burdens American taxpayers, and undermines public safety," Trump recently said in his White House press conference. He said it places enormous strain on our schools, hospitals, and communities in general. He said America is a welcoming country. He said we will not allow our generosity to be abused by those who would break our laws, break into our country illegally. He said illegal immigration takes precious resources from the poorest of our country who needs them most. Mass illegal immigration is unfair to the law-abiding immigrants already living here. Some have been waiting for years to receive their citizenship. He said we've issued 40 million green cards since 1970. Trump also spoke about how the caravan of immigrants recently overran the Mexican police. He said they've hurt badly Mexican soldiers. He said they've injured, attacked. "This isn't an innocent group of people," said Trump. He said this illegal caravan will not be allowed into our country, they should turn back now, and they were wasting their time. He spoke on the current immigration laws being bad, and he couldn't get the Democrats to vote on changing them. He said it's only the Republicans in unison to change them. He said there are billions of people living in poverty. Economic reasons are not a reason for seeking asylum.

While I agree with some of what Trump said, I disagree about the caravan being an invasion of our country and that these immigrants will affect the lives of all Americans. There are many Americans who are suffering and will continue suffering economically, even if there were no current immigrants in the country. I didn't see an imminent threat when watching the caravan. What I saw were so many desperate immigrants hitchhiking with the last of their belongings and little ones in tow. Many of the children are sick, and in need of humanitarian aid. What I saw was desperation on the faces of many. I saw people in general fear for their future and also others who fear for their children's future. Many migrants spoke on the dangers of living in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. They said the gangs terrorized them. They can't have anything because of the gangs. Many said they can't find work. Many are starving and destitute. Others said they want a better life for their children, and don't want their children being forced into gangs. These people are fleeing dangerous situations and environments. There are some criminals among them but most of them are fleeing hunger, poverty, lack of job opportunities, violence, and gangs.

Trump said taxpayers will be forced to pick up the tab for illegal immigrants. When have we not been forced to pick up the tab for everything? When have we not been pawns of the ultra-wealthy elites like the Trumpses, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, etc.?

During the Wall Street crisis of 2008, many Americans lost their pensions and, therefore, lost everything. President Obama signed legislation protecting wealthy Wall Street financiers, bankers, and the elites. He authorized billions to go to Wall Street to keep this beast going. Many Americans lost their jobs after companies outsourced to other countries. When was the last time corporations thought to keep their workers in mind as they continuously outsource jobs overseas, and cut jobs at home?

By Trump's own admission that there are billions of people living in poverty worldwide, this is where the problem lies in and of itself. The elites have been stealing from the poor (including the working-class poor) and used-to-be middle class. It is the elites that create legislation and control a nation's economy. They create legislation and then the President signs it into law. They have been stealing from the poor and working-class poor through legislation, taxation, high inflation, the Federal Reserve, banking institutions, Wall Street, a credit system, the collapse of a  country's economy, the theft of resources like land, food, minerals, etc. America's economy runs on credit. Our dollar is essentially worthless. Soon, the U.S. dollar will lose complete value as the number one world currency. Billions of people in poverty around the world means the elites have been busy hoarding much of the world's wealth and resources. Why? There is an underlying cause behind everything. Things are not always as they appear. This economy cannot fiscally sustain itself, and our Congressmen and Congresswomen know what's coming. The next move of the elites would be to collapse the economy like they've collapsed the economies of Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and many more. Congressional leaders are expecting the collapse of the U.S. dollar. Financial experts are expecting the complete collapse of the U.S. economy. We came close to this happening in 2008. Imagine going to the bank and not being able to withdraw your hard earned money. The collapse of a nation's economy means you will no longer receive social benefits like Social Security.

How will your life and the lives of the working poor be any better than it is now if illegal immigrants are NOT allowed to remain within U.S. borders? Americans have a serious threat from within our borders. That threat is more dangerous to us than the caravan that is nearing the U.S. border. We must focus on those from within our borders that is the real threat to the economy, and the American people.

People in these countries with failed economies continue to rest their hope on political leaders not realizing these people are really pawns of the elites. When the elites get ready to collapse an economy, there is really nothing politicians can do. The politicians are controlled by the elites. The U.S. President does not control the country. The elites control the economy. Thus, they control the nation. The Federal Reserve has collapsed many economies. Don't ever think for one minute the Federal Reserve will not also collapse the American economy.

We have relinquished our freedoms for national security. Our rights have been signed away in legislation designed to protect the elites. They don't want another French Revolution. Therefore, the elites see us, we the people, as a threat to their economic and social tyranny. They don't want a nation full of well-informed individuals, and capable-of-thinking-for-self fully functioning society. This type of society is a threat to them. They will do everything in their power to maintain control of the masses. By controlling all the world's resources, they control us. We, homo sapien humans, were designed to be a slave race. It's in the DNA. You must realize that although we were engineered to be a slave race, we also have the ability within ourselves to free our generation from the control of the elites by any means necessary.

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