Sunday, October 21, 2018

What If One Day the Supernatural Greatly Intervene in Human Affairs?

Written by Alberta Parish

If people ever need to see the hand of the Creator at work in the earth, it is this generation of skeptics, bystanders, wicked and naive persons. We live in a world of complete chaos where many people just don't have any hope left. Many think this is all there is and nothing else outside of themselves or this physical world.

After so many months, I went to church today. I stopped attending church in April during a time in which I was greatly depressed while grieving my mom's death. As I've stated in a previous editorial, I'm just not buying the fact that there is absolutely nothing beyond this physical realm. If this B.S. is the only thing we have to look forward to before we die, then all of us may as well be dead already. This present world does not offer any kind of hope or peace. In fact, in this world, you're just another commodity to be used and exploited by the powerful elite. It's like tagging a cow. Once you're tagged, you become property to the owner. Most people on this planet are not even recognized as human beings who have rights. They're seen as price tags and someone else's property. If you don't have wealth or riches (only on paper), you have less opportunities. You're expendable. You're easily exploited by those who have wealth. Some people are more valuable dead than alive. This world is a corrupt world. It's hard to have any hope in this world. So when I heard a glimpse of hope today at church, it was rejuvenating. The pastor talked about many things. She talked about the Most High intervening in human affairs.

What I say here will probably shock some of you. The pastor said that God was going to do a great work in the earth. God will intervene in the affairs of man. She said there will be signs and wonders being performed. One of those wonders would be the dead being raised. She told the people to go tell them that the pastor on Old Jonesboro Road said God is going to perform signs and wonders in the earth, the dead will be raised, and God will do a great work throughout the earth. The prophetess said these words with much confidence. I could see this is not just a belief for her. This was true reality for her. She didn't share these words with the people as feel-good tales. She was for real in her speech and tone. As someone who greatly misses my mom who died a year ago, I would welcome my mom if she returned from the dead.

Recently, I've seen a Netflix original series called Resurrection in which people in a small town called Arcadia have been coming back from the dead. Even if they died years ago in Arcadia, they returned to the small town and appeared to many of the current residents. Arcadia is a real town in Missouri. If the dead returned in physical form in your town or city, what would you do?

Is it possible that supernatural beings would greatly intervene in the earth? If extraterrestrials came to this planet in the distant past, why can't they also return in our present world? Don't tell me extraterrestrials haven't been to this planet in the past because every civilization have documented records about these ancient visitors. The ancient Sumerians wrote about the Annunaki, which means those who from heaven to earth came. The Sumerians also credited these ancient visitors for their civilization. The Greeks wrote about the Titans, which were actual giants who were regarded as half-human and half-god. They were the offspring of those who came from the heavens, according to the Greeks. There are similar stories around the whole world regarding other beings who came from other worlds and gave mankind technology. The homo sapien is a genetic modification said to have been engineered by otherworldly beings who came to this planet hundreds of thousands of years ago. There are many creation accounts. However, there is one verse in Genesis, which says, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness." Put the emphasis on the word "us" denoting more than one was involved in the engineering of homo sapien humans.

Ask yourself, why are governments around the world so interested in outer space? Why all the technology in outer space? Why all the satellites in outer space? What are they looking for? Who are they looking for?

It's not impossible for the dead to be raised. If they can create T.V. shows talking about the dead coming back, then it's not really impossible for such phenomenon to occur in our time. Why can't the dead cross over into our physical world? What is truly death? Why can't the dead come back to us in physical form? Why can't the supernatural manifest itself to us? There are things that cannot always be explained from a human viewpoint. I haven't seen a dead person return after so many days and/or years but I can't completely disprove that this phenomenon has never occurred in human history.

I just have to sit back and wait for such a phenomenon to occur in my lifetime. If I never see it during my lifetime, that's okay. But this doesn't mean it still won't happen one day.

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