Saturday, October 13, 2018

Trump-Kanye White House Meeting: What Does This Mean for Black People in America?

Written by Alberta Parish

This week, President Trump sat in the Oval Office with Jim Brown, Kanye West, and a myriad of reporters bragging about the unemployment rate decreasing since he took office. West gave a long speech stressing the importance of jobs returning to the United States, as he wore his Make America Great Again hat and sat across from Trump who looked a little uncomfortable at times while listening to Kanye. The President also looked speechless at certain times as Kanye talked about mental health in America, his own misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder, and not having a lot of male energy around while growing up because his dad and mom were separated when he was little. Kanye quoted that if Trump doesn't look good, America doesn't look good. We have to make the President look good so that America can look good, according to West. America hasn't looked good for a long time in the eyes of the rest of the world. Right now, America's not looking good due to Trump's tariffs, as world leaders are currently vilifying Trump for his foreign policies.

In 2018, over one hundred thousand jobs have been cut and and many more outsourced to other countries due to Trump's tariffs. Recently, Verizon Wireless cut 44,000 employees and outsourced 2,500 jobs to Infosys in India. Despite Trump's new tax reforms, many companies like AT&T and dozens of others have laid off workers, closed many call centers, and outsourced jobs to places like India so they can underpay their workers there.

While the Trump-West meeting was taking place, thousands of people were suffering in the Pandhandle on the Florida coast due to Hurricane Michael, which occurred this past Wednesday going into Thursday. The President didn't say anything in the Oval Office about those people. Lives were lost, but that wasn't discussed in the Oval Office.

Mr. West continued with a diatribe on the Liberals talking about how the Democratic Party use racism to control us. Kanye was right about this. I say there is absolutely no difference between the Democratic and Republican parties when it comes to implementing current policies that strictly benefit the Black community in the  United States. These two parties belong to the same bird. The two wings serve as the Democratic and Republican parties. The Democratic Party exploits Black voters but hasn't done a damn thing to advance the interests of the Black community in the United States within the past fifty least not since the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

In addition, Kanye talked about abolishing the 13th Amendment, which ended slavery and involuntary servitude in the United States. If the 13th Amendment is abolished, then slavery and involuntary servitude would be legal again in the United States and surrounding territories. Can you imagine chattel slavery being legal again in the United States? Actually, Black people who have been convicted of a crime are considered slaves, according to the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. A slave has no legal rights. Therefore, a freedman who becomes a slave when convicted of a crime, has no civil or legal rights under the Constitution. Bill Cosby was considered a freedman but became a slave when he was convicted for sexual assault against Andrea Constand. If the warden or corrections officers kill Cosby while in the custody of the state prison, it would be legal because he is considered a slave. Remember, slaves are regarded as property, and property does not have protected rights. Only human beings can be given protected rights. No, they should not kill Cosby! I'm saying Cosby has no civil or legal rights because the 13th Amendment has made him a slave.

Unfortunately, many are psychologically enslaved. Therefore, it wouldn't be all that difficult to abolish the 13th Amendment and enslave the lowest group of people on the economic totem pole, which are currently Black peopIe despite all the Black millionaires and a few American Black and African billionaires that exists. You're rich only on paper. The dollar is worth only 16 cents in value. When the dollar collapse in value and it will, you are no longer rich. You will quickly become expendable if you don't have resources such as land, oil, food, etc. I'm talking about items that can be bartered. Your money won't mean anything when the dollar collapse and lose all of its current value and also cease to become the number #1 currency throughout the world. Mostly all American-born Black people, African people (whichever tribe you're from), indigenous people, true Native Americans (not talking about the imposters claiming to be Native to this land but are not), dark peoples across the entire Diaspora does not control and own TRUE resources. Therefore, we're really at a disadvantage economically. Nearly 100% of the world's true resources (land, food, oil, minerals, etc.) are in the hands of a conglomerate few ultra-wealthy white men that control banks, the White House, and entire nations and their governments.

Out of all Kanye West stated, I was more concerned about his statements concerning the 13th Amendment. I have no wish to be a "chattel" slave! There's already a lesser form of slavery existing in the United States now, and it's called corporate slavery! Under corporate slavery, people in other countries like India is being paid $2 an hour. Under chattel slavery, I'd be raped repeatedly, sexually abused, physically abused, verbally abused. I could also be sold to another household and abused there. I could be forced to bear children to perpetuate slavery. I'd have absolutely no legal, civil, or human rights if the 13th Amendment is abolished.

Many people dismiss Kanye West as crazy and bipolar and a race traitor. Although West hasn't been right since his mother's death in 2007, this doesn't mean that we (Black people) should dismiss everything that Kanye is saying. In fact, we should take Kanye very seriously because he is talking about abolishing the 13th Amendment, which is an idea that many other people also carry... especially those in the alt-right movement. Many Democratic as well as Republican leaders share the same sentiments as Kanye West. They're just not as vocal as Kanye and Donald.

Kanye explained how he was misdiagnosed as having bipolar disorder when another healthcare professional said that he was suffering from sleep deprivation, which could cause dementia in twenty years. He said in twenty years, he would not be able to remember his son's name as a result of dementia stemming from sleep deprivation. I know what it's like to be called bipolar by your peers and family members because either they don't understand you, not trying to understand you, or you don't agree with their asses or kiss their asses.

I know someone who has a daughter who is bipolar and based on that alone, if I was bipolar, I would've flipped completely out on quite a few people a long while ago. I've caught hell from a lot of jealous women and family members over the years. I've lost jobs and income as a result of wicked individuals. The most I've ever done to combat these wicked-ass people is to write letters and e-mails defending my integrity and the lies that were spewed about me. Or I'd have phone conversations with individuals explaining myself or defending my integrity and dispelling lies. I'd also write text messages expressing my anger and frustration. Profane language was often used during these exchanges but I've never physically assaulted and/or attacked anyone.

It seems like my whole life, I've had to defend myself, my honor, my dignity against liars whether in my peer group, on jobs, or in my family. I've also had to fight (i.e., file a lawsuit; go to court) to get unemployment benefits due to being UNJUSTLY terminated.

What I realized a long time ago about many Black people is many always want to control OTHER Black people. But these same individuals act like they're scared of non-Black people. They are scared of everybody except when it come to other Black people. They're all big and tough against other Black people but they take regular whippings (figuratively speaking) from the establishment, the dominant society, corporations, or just random white people in this society each and every day. Many of you know I'm telling the truth. Black people like to punk other Black people on a regular basis but they won't do it to a white person! They shouldn't do it to anybody period.

You can call me a liar about what I'm saying all you want but the truth is most Black people don't respect or love other Black people. Individuals are always jealous of you, even when they're in your own family. Some don't want to see you succeed. They want to see you fail so they can have something to gossip about.

Kanye was right about certain things he said in his meeting with Trump but Kanye was dead wrong for his speech on abolishing the 13th Amendment. I don't wish to be a chattel slave, Kanye.

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