Sunday, October 21, 2018

Real Life People Being Haunted: Have You Ever Seen Demons & Deceased Persons?

Written by Alberta Parish

This morning, I watched a Netflix original T.V. show called Haunted, which featured six individuals telling true stories of their paranormal experiences. Each person had unique experiences, which continue to haunt each one of them to this present day. Watching these people's facial expressions and body language as they recount and relive their individual nightmares while being surrounded by several family members as well as close friends made me believe everything these people said.

The first guest said that he lived in an apartment where a mother drowned her two children in the bath tub and then hung herself in the closet. He was haunted for six years during his childhood by this woman in white. He said that his friend's father suggested church. He said he was desperate. So he went and got baptised. He would pray every night, but the woman in white continued to haunt him. He said that eventually he stopped praying and started cursing God. He said, "How could a God allow this to happen?" He even started playing with a Ouija Board and it just kept saying, "Hurt you, hurt you." Finally, his parents moved out of the house. He thought he was free from the woman in white. But one night, he was riding his bike with a friend. Then, he saw her again. He said he thought houses were haunted and not people. He said the woman in white had followed him to where he currently resided. When he saw the woman, he was distracted and didn't see a car coming. He was run over while riding the bike. The guest said that the woman was standing over him and said, "You're supposed to be dead." He said he had just missed death by an inch. He said he was worried that someone he loved was going to get hurt by this entity so he left. He said that he decided to run away. He never stayed in more than one place at a time. Then a couple of years later, he met a young woman and settled down. He said that he thought he'd outran the ghost finally. But he saw the woman again. He fainted and was revived by a paramedic who said that he'd lost him for a moment. The guest said that he had actually died this time. He thought he was finally free from the woman in white because he finally died and she got what she wanted. But he has since seen her again. He told his daughter, girlfriend, and several friends that he does not believe the woman who haunted him during childhood is going to ever go away.

The second story involved two little girls who lived in a house that was built on Native American burial ground with parents who were serial killers. They stood witness to these murders but were afraid to tell anyone. The mother ended up killing the husband years later. After she died, the grandson moved into the house where he began experiencing supernatural activities in which he heard footsteps and strange happenings. The grandson said this went on for weeks. Then his mother came back to the house, which was named the Slaughter House by her father years before. He'd bring strangers there where they'd shortly be murdered. The mother witnessed what her son had told her concerning the ghost of his grandfather that haunted the house. While the grandfather was alive, he would conjure up demons. In fact, one of the daughters witnessed her father having an episode in which a spirit had taken hold of him. Years later, this same daughter saw with her own eyes this dark thing coming up from the lumber pile in the woods and it passed over her. At the same time, her mother was standing there watching the whole thing and watching her daughter. Then she told her daughter, "You know your father's conjuring up spirits."

In the show, Sadie suggested that her son call the fire department and have the house burned down. The other sister leaned over in her chair and whispered that even if the house was burned down, it wouldn't get rid of the evil living there.

The Netflix series include six stories from six individuals that appear to be perfectly normal. I don't think they've made up these stories for attention or fame. Each one of them looked like they were genuinely scared and fearful of something horrible happening to them in the very near future. They looked credible to me.

I know that there's a world or realm beyond this present one, and I'm not buying the fact that there is nothing outside of this earthly plain. I'm not buying the fact that we're not also made up of an eternal substance in addition to our organs that keep the blood pumping throughout our mortal substance. Just because you can't see spirits and demons does not make them unreal. You may never have went on a trip to hell but countless people claimed to have seen hell. I think the life you live determines your final destination. I think individuals who have lived really demonic and/or wicked lives (talking about individuals who have raped, murdered, ended their own lives violently, or were just violent persons) end up in these dark places where they have no hope and no rest day or night.

You may never have encountered supernatural beings but I have. It just wasn't in my imagination. I've seen demons while I've slept and in dreams. This is why I don't mess with certain supernatural phenomenon such as Ouija boards, because I don't want these fuckers attaching themselves to me and also manifesting themselves all around me. Demons can be very disruptive in your life.

Another guest talked about alien phenomenon, and how she became an unwilling participant from her childhood in an alien experiment during which she was abducted. Another talked about a demon attaching himself to her. I know they are telling the truth, because each of them looked very fearful. I just had this sense of foreboding while listening to their stories. Some of the guests even spoke on how they are still seeing these entities from their childhood manifest in their lives today. They all really wanted their close family members and friends to know that it isn't over, that is, their paranormal experience.

I know that evil exists outside of this physical plain and also interfere with the world of the living. Honestly, I don't understand why a benevolent entity that we refer to as the Most High or the Almighty would allow evil to continue unchecked. Maybe, only in the eternal real is the only real punishment for evil men (also women). The real you is the eternal substance that exists within you. That eternal substance can only meet real punishment for the wickedness that you have perpertuated while in this earthly realm when you cross over to the other side. Things that are not even fathomable exists on the other side. Just because you haven't seen it does not make it unreal. There are other universes and other forms of life. There's also the dead. Things that exists in death and dead places. The life you live now determines the form of life you will inherit when you cross over to the other side.

Last year, I recall the final days of my mother's life while was lying in a hospice facility. One night, I was watching my mama from the couch in her room when I saw her looking up toward the ceiling. It appeared as if she was looking at something or someone. She looked to the left and then right. She repeated this motion several times. Then she cried out. At the time, I thought she may have been seeing something sinister like demons but I realized later that it was something else. It wasn't a sinister or demonic presence that she was looking at. My wasn't ready to die at that time so she cried out at whatever it was she was seeing in the room. I was still there. My mama died the following morning when I wasn't there. I don't really think she wanted me to see her take her last breath.

I'm saying that entities exists outside of our physical plain. There are just things that are completely unexplainable and also unfathomable, according to the world of the living. But people who have second sight can see certain things that others cannot always see. They can see spirits whether good or bad. Many possess the gift of second sight, and they've had this gift since they were children. We call them seers, mediums, psychics, prophets, etc. Many skeptics and non-believers when it comes to the world of the supernatural exists. But no one can really disprove that the supernatural exist. No one can disprove Hell or Heaven. I have yet to hear one atheist disprove supernatural phenomenon. Or even disprove that there are supernatural beings. Let me know when you find one who can disprove the existence of the supernatural realm.

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