Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Black Bodies, Black Genocide

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A poem entitled Black Bodies, Black Genocide

Written by Alberta Parish

Neither politics, religion, nor education is the answer to white aggression.

The never-ending cycle of economic oppression, genocide, and lynching of Black bodies as we continue to forgive America without true reparations.

A quiet holocaust wages on in every black neighborhood, on every city block, in every town, on every continent.

Black bodies hung from overpass bridges, stolen from every corner of these streets, missing organs, child sacrifice.

Black genocide committed in the name of democracy and peace.

Chemical and biological warfare reducing entire populations.

While dead Black bodies pile up across this ungodly nation.

Was this the norm for Black life in America? I wonder. 

All your Gucci and Luis Vuitton accessories...the trinkets of white-owned aggression still puts you at the bottom of the economic totem pole.

But you think you made it 'cause you can afford to buy Addidas, Reeboks and an Audi, right?

Debt made us slaves again while mental slavery made us return to the corporate plantation.

You so free but police can kill your black child and after receive a small fortune in monetary donations.

While you need GoFundMe's to give your child the proper burial location.

I guess we are a cursed people, because our forefathers sinned in the wilderness.

But America is also cursed because of its history in the slave trade, and the wickedness existing within her borders.

In the end of days, judgment will befall this mighty nation.

Like the fall of the Roman Empire, this civilization will come to its end amidst a great commotion.

Never to rise again from its ruins and it shall be as though she never existed.

The proud nation will be brought low and everything that made her great shall be her destruction.

How long much injustice prevail in our courts and the oppressed continue to be afflicted?

Where is the end of suffering and degradation for the weakest members of society?

When good men decide to act will be the beginning of the end.

The supernatural gives us the ability to think and reason.

And the answers that we seek are within each one of us.
The future is not favorable toward nations that traffick in human souls.

And the future will rectify the horrors of the past.

It's time for justice to finally prevail in the land.

And the time of tyranny to come to an end.

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