Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Bill Cosby Thought He'd Be Cleared of Rape Allegations Due To Being A Proper Negro

Written by Alberta Parish

In listening to certain Black celebrities and radio personalities, I really believe they think they live in some sort of alternate universe, completely divorced from their own reality. Such was the likes of Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson. These Black famous personalities actually think that if they follow the rules, dance for these corporations and divorce themselves from the Black community, that somehow they'll never feel the effects of living in a white supremacist environment. Bill Cosby didn't think he'd ever see the inside of a jail cell at 81 years old. Michael Jackson died at age 50 from an overdose of Propofol in his Beverly Hills home. But these two were the same celebrities that many Black peopIe looked up to, and worshiped for their talent. Too bad they thought that their talent was actually enough to appease white supremacy.

The majority of Black people are lovers of material things because most never had anything growing up. Most Black people come from generational poverty. They come from having to skip meals, and having to wear second-hand clothing. Each holiday season, Black Americans collectively shell out billions of dollars to these corporations. We can never collectively boycott anything. You can't stop watching the NFL. You can't stop buying Nike shoes. Mind control programming is very effective on the majority of Black people in America.

Nike endorsing Colin Kaepernick was a very smart business move because it ended up earning Nike $6 million dollars in one week. They knew that all they had to do was put out a T.V. ad featuring Kaepernick, and the mind control programming would do the rest.

Bill Cosby thought he'd be cleared of rape allegations based on being a proper Negro but he got his wake-up call very quickly. Bill Cosby is so guilty of what he did, and he still hasn't shown any remorse. Being a proper Negro and dancing to the tune of corporate bosses doesn't get you out of criminal charges. It doesn't take you off the radar of suspected white supremacist district attorneys. It's time for many Black celebrities to stop living in an alternate universe and come back to the real universe. Work to destroy systems of oppression in this universe instead of trying to avoid present struggles.

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