Saturday, September 29, 2018

Americans Love Oppression More Than Liberation from their Oppressors

Written by Alberta Parish

How you treat people when they are most vulnerable and are suffering from some kind of trauma or traumatic event such as the death of a loved one is what shows what kind of character you have. A lot of people claim these various labels of Christian, Hebrew Israelite or Muslim but they are literally horrible people. You don't have to claim the label of Christian, Hebrew Israelite or Muslim to be a good person. Claiming these religious labels does not actually make you a good person or decent or kind or just someone who has sincere empathy for others. I know a lot of Christians and some Hebrew Israelites who just do not have empathy for others except for maybe their closest relatives. When you're dealing with a serious diagnosis or sickness, you'll find out quickly who your friends are. When you're going through a traumatic event or a loss whether it's a job loss or the loss of a dear loved one, you'll find out who your friends are very quickly. When you can love somebody even when they probably don't deserve it, this shows more character than if you showed love only to people who deserve it or to people who kiss your ass all the time. There are many Christians, Hebrew Israelites, and Muslims who fail this litmus test each and every day. Let's not equate being a good person with being nice. There are many people with rough exteriors that will go all out of their way to help people. People with rough exteriors will have more mercy on you than so-called nice people. Often, that niceness is a facade. People with rough exteriors will often go out of their way to see that somebody eat and have a roof over his/her head and NOT judge people for their inability to take care of themselves. Instead, they will assign blame to where it should be. The truth is that most people are unable to properly and effectively care for themselves and their kids because so many greedy corporations are not really paying people what their actual labor is really worth. Many people got jobs but having a job or two jobs doesn't mean shit when you're being underpaid. Let's also assign the blame to this patriarchal society that has often forced women to accept lesser pay or use their bodies to get money because of this expensive society that we're living in and also because most men are asshole pigs that want to dominate/control women. Be honest. It cost too much money to live comfortably in this country. Black people were bred to be slaves, which is why the average mentality among Black people is to tolerate aggression by suspected WS law enforcement officials, politicians, judges, lawyers, doctors, regular citizens, etc. without ever actually trying to tear down the very system that has Black political prisoners from the 1960's still locked up behind bars and suffering because they were labeled radical extremists. I bet you many of those guys wish they had never fought for the liberation of Black people during the 60's and 70's, because these Negroes today aren't deserving of their struggle and the work they put in for our liberation. The average mentality of Black people is they don't mind living under oppression. They just want to be treated better under the oppression. Black people love this corrupt, oppressive system because if they didn't, they would do what it takes to abolish their own oppression. Black people are lovers of material things, lovers of money, lovers of corruption. That's why most do nothing to either speak out against and/or oppose this system. And if some do speak out against this system, they're not doing it from a place of true sincerity. Some YouTubers only speak out against this system, not thinking about truly forming strategies for our complete liberation but only to get Twitter likes and YouTube money. They're not interested in liberation. They just want to be like their oppressors.

There's nothing great about America and the corruption that permeates our borders. We don't live in a nice world. People who sometimes appear to be nice are not often good people. Anybody can put on an act and pretend to be nice. But nice people have often sat back and allowed injustices to occur. There were many nice people in Germany during World War II who voted to put Adolf Hitler in power. There were many nice Christians in America during institutionalized slavery who justified the enslavement of Black people and also used the bible to justify slavery. Being a Christian or Hebrew Israelite or Muslim does not make you a good person. These are only labels that are not really worth anything unless you actually are doing good to others...all humanity. This doesn't mean you allow people to do evil to you. People still must be held accountable for their evil actions. There are consequences for every evil work. Oppression of any kind has to be opposed. Evil has to be dealt with.

No matter what label you give yourself, what's in your heart determines your true character.

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