Sunday, September 30, 2018

Bill Cosby Sentencing for Sexual Assault. He Did it!

Written by Alberta Parish

You cannot continuously practice evil, and somehow good is still going to follow you throughout your life. We've just witnessed the downfall of 'America's Dad,' Bill Cosby whose own criminal vices brought him a conviction of sexual assault against Andrea Constand, which occurred in 2004. He was also labeled a "violent sexual predator" by the judge who sentenced him from 3 to 10 years in state prison. He must serve three years minimum. But Cosby could end up dying before he could even be eligible for parole in several years. He may not live long enough to see himself freed from a maximum security prison. This is a man who spent a successful career in television and comedy, a man who was married in 1964 and currently has four daughters. What on earth was he thinking? What must his daughters be experiencing as a result of the backlash against their father? Camille Cosby knew her husband was unfaithful. Yet, she remained with a man whom she knew had a deviant behavior toward women.

What is the difference between Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton whom Black America called their first Black President? There are at least four past allegations of sexual assault against Bill Clinton but Hillary Clinton came to Bill's defense. The difference between Cosby and Clinton is that one is a white male and the other is Black. We all know there is a stark difference between how many Black male defendants are represented or under-represented in criminal court versus many white male defendants who are accused of the exact same crimes.

Bill Cosby's sentencing was light in comparison to other Black criminal defendants accused of the same crimes. In truth, the judge was very lenient in his sentencing of Cosby while other Black male defendants haven't been so fortunate. I guess the judge took into consideration Cosby's age and physical condition when determining his sentencing.

It is so embarrassing seeing an 81-year-old man getting handcuffed and sent to prison after many decades of heinous crimes against women. This man was in his 60s when he took advantage of 31-year-old Andrea Constand who was a gay woman at the time of the assault.

There are so many victims of sexual assault existing all around us whether men, women, boys and girls. I wonder if Bill Cosby ever raped a 14-year-old, or 15-year-old. What would Cosby have done if ever one of his daughters were drugged and raped by a significantly older male?

Many people often do not examine the consequences of their actions. Good often doesn't follow evildoers. Even if the evil happened fifty years ago, there is usually a day of reckoning. Old actions have new consequences. You may have forgotten what you've done to someone thirty years ago, but the other person hasn't forgotten. More importantly, the subconscious mind hasn't forgotten. Many people are getting their day of reckoning and many still don't realize why they are suffering the way that they are. Evil is first an internal action that is carried out externally. There are consequences for human slavery, even the enslavement of dark and brown people that occurred centuries ago. There are consequences for elections of individuals who does not have the best interest of the average citizen in mind. There are consequences of a patriarchal culture. There are consequences of forced, sexual deviancy.

Only human beings are out of order. Everything else in nature is in order. But not human beings. There are things we could do starting today to stop our own self-inflicted extinction but based on our current actions, extinction is ultimately inevitable.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Americans Love Oppression More Than Liberation from their Oppressors

Written by Alberta Parish

How you treat people when they are most vulnerable and are suffering from some kind of trauma or traumatic event such as the death of a loved one is what shows what kind of character you have. A lot of people claim these various labels of Christian, Hebrew Israelite or Muslim but they are literally horrible people. You don't have to claim the label of Christian, Hebrew Israelite or Muslim to be a good person. Claiming these religious labels does not actually make you a good person or decent or kind or just someone who has sincere empathy for others. I know a lot of Christians and some Hebrew Israelites who just do not have empathy for others except for maybe their closest relatives. When you're dealing with a serious diagnosis or sickness, you'll find out quickly who your friends are. When you're going through a traumatic event or a loss whether it's a job loss or the loss of a dear loved one, you'll find out who your friends are very quickly. When you can love somebody even when they probably don't deserve it, this shows more character than if you showed love only to people who deserve it or to people who kiss your ass all the time. There are many Christians, Hebrew Israelites, and Muslims who fail this litmus test each and every day. Let's not equate being a good person with being nice. There are many people with rough exteriors that will go all out of their way to help people. People with rough exteriors will have more mercy on you than so-called nice people. Often, that niceness is a facade. People with rough exteriors will often go out of their way to see that somebody eat and have a roof over his/her head and NOT judge people for their inability to take care of themselves. Instead, they will assign blame to where it should be. The truth is that most people are unable to properly and effectively care for themselves and their kids because so many greedy corporations are not really paying people what their actual labor is really worth. Many people got jobs but having a job or two jobs doesn't mean shit when you're being underpaid. Let's also assign the blame to this patriarchal society that has often forced women to accept lesser pay or use their bodies to get money because of this expensive society that we're living in and also because most men are asshole pigs that want to dominate/control women. Be honest. It cost too much money to live comfortably in this country. Black people were bred to be slaves, which is why the average mentality among Black people is to tolerate aggression by suspected WS law enforcement officials, politicians, judges, lawyers, doctors, regular citizens, etc. without ever actually trying to tear down the very system that has Black political prisoners from the 1960's still locked up behind bars and suffering because they were labeled radical extremists. I bet you many of those guys wish they had never fought for the liberation of Black people during the 60's and 70's, because these Negroes today aren't deserving of their struggle and the work they put in for our liberation. The average mentality of Black people is they don't mind living under oppression. They just want to be treated better under the oppression. Black people love this corrupt, oppressive system because if they didn't, they would do what it takes to abolish their own oppression. Black people are lovers of material things, lovers of money, lovers of corruption. That's why most do nothing to either speak out against and/or oppose this system. And if some do speak out against this system, they're not doing it from a place of true sincerity. Some YouTubers only speak out against this system, not thinking about truly forming strategies for our complete liberation but only to get Twitter likes and YouTube money. They're not interested in liberation. They just want to be like their oppressors.

There's nothing great about America and the corruption that permeates our borders. We don't live in a nice world. People who sometimes appear to be nice are not often good people. Anybody can put on an act and pretend to be nice. But nice people have often sat back and allowed injustices to occur. There were many nice people in Germany during World War II who voted to put Adolf Hitler in power. There were many nice Christians in America during institutionalized slavery who justified the enslavement of Black people and also used the bible to justify slavery. Being a Christian or Hebrew Israelite or Muslim does not make you a good person. These are only labels that are not really worth anything unless you actually are doing good to others...all humanity. This doesn't mean you allow people to do evil to you. People still must be held accountable for their evil actions. There are consequences for every evil work. Oppression of any kind has to be opposed. Evil has to be dealt with.

No matter what label you give yourself, what's in your heart determines your true character.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

My Mama Didn't Deserve To Die Like That

Written by Alberta Parish

Some of us have been doing the same things for the same ol' tired-ass existence for decades. We go to these jobs where the rich rob us and exploit our labor. Then, we go to church (or temple or mosque) every week to hear a bunch of feel-good stories and outdated concepts while looking for answers to tangible problems from some supernatural force, and your life still isn't any better than it was twenty years ago. You're still unhappy. You're still struggling. You're still miserable. You're still powerless against those who control the very air you breathe, which is fuckin contaminated with all kinds of chemical agents. In fact, many so-called Christians are suicidal. They don't tell you about these Christians who kill themselves due to depression. You don't often hear about these Christians living double lives because they fear a place called Hell. Or perhaps, they fear not ever getting to see their deceased loved ones even after their own demise.

In April, I decided to stop attending church, stop reading the Bible, stop being in daily worship. I just don't see the point of all the church attendance. What is the point of all this? Am I doing this shit because I don't want to go to Hell or am I doing it to receive some reward in a far off land they call Heaven, if these places even exist at all. Is the fear of Hell the only reason most people even believe in a god who seems to be absent in human affairs? What has this God done for anyone lately? How is hearing a bunch of feel-good rhetoric, how horrible we are for not being obedient to some invisible God and that everything we do is deserving of Hell going to heal any of us of diseases including depression? Almost everybody we know got muthafucking cancer or diabetes or heart disease. And if they're not suffering from a fatal disease, they have debilitating mental or cognitive problems. What's the point of praying to some God who allows children to be sold into human trafficking organizations (also pedophile organizations)? Human beings (young people included) are being kidnapped and murdered for their organs so that rich muthafuckers can continue living to age 90 and beyond. Where is this God who is supposed to be all-knowing, all-powerful and all-loving? Am I supposed to continue believing in some cosmic entity just because I was taught from childhood that this entity exist? No because seeing is believing.

I'm not going to spend any more of my time living in the clouds while continuing to suffer here on the ground with no fuckin allies. How is this fair that entire populations get to fuckin starve to death to feed the United States? Why the fuck are we so silent on the human trafficking taking place in our own back yard? Why the fuck are there Senate hearings on one old predator when there are millions more in Washington and around the world? If I prayed today for a total annihilation of evil men, would this God honor that prayer today? Or would he continue allowing evil to continue in the earth?

Things are not supposed to be this way. There should be no famine or homelessness. There is enough resources on the planet to feed and house the world. Only greedy men have sold us on the idea that the food supply is too stretched to feed the planet and, therefore, there must be population control. Even if it is too many people on the planet, there is still enough resources to go around for everyone. But greedy men want to be able to control and package everything for a fuckin profit. If there is a Hell, many will find themselves there for their lack of empathy toward fellow humans.

Every day, I wake up to the concept that perhaps this is all that life has to offer: a few technological gadgets, social media, the Internet and greedy-ass corporations that exploit working-class citizens...that rob us of our time, energy, money, good health, and the best years of our lives.

Last year, my mama died in a hospice because medical professionals didn't think her life was worth saving. They used the excuse that one of her arteries was blocked. I bet if she was rich, they would've worked around that. My mama didn't deserve to die like that. They didn't give a damn because of her age and economic status. She was poor and the poor are expendable. Although she had Medicaid/Medicare, her life still didn't mean a goddamn thing to them.

Life is fleeting. I don't take life for granted. No one truly knows when his or her time is up. The world (exploitative corporations; jobs) love to keep us so busy, robbing us of time, energy, even labor to the point that we sometimes forget that this existence is so short. We forget to take time out for ourselves, and take care of ourselves first. I wasn't really prepared to say goodbye to my mom. But I was forced to let go because the medical professionals didn't feel that her life was worth saving. She didn't have the kind of money that they wanted. My mama wasted the best years of her life working jobs and dealing with asshole bosses. She spent the better part of her life looking for some God to bless her financially because she was taught that God is a good God who loves his people and will take care of them. But this God couldn't even heal my mama of cancer. Because perhaps he isn't real. If he is real, then he's an asshole for abandoning his creation. All this weekly worship of God around the world and he can't even heal his people from disease and sickness. But people expect me to take Judeo-Christianity and Islam serious. I don't think so.