Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Hollywood Pedophiles & the Cover-ups that Kept Them in Positions of Power

Written by Alberta Parish

When it comes to human sexuality, there are certain things that should not be allowed to take place as it is morally reprehensible. Among those things are pedophilia and rape. Rape is about dominance over another human being. It has nothing to do with love. Sometimes it is hate that causes a rapist to overpower another human being. Crimes against children continue to prosper, because good people have chosen to do nothing.

Today, human slavery including child sex trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry with organizations in every country. From Hollywood celebrities to Christian clerics, pedophiles come from all nations, walks of life, and socio-economic backgrounds. Can the modern human truly claim he or [she] is any better than the Greeks and Romans? How can you condemn consensual homosexual desires and allow pedophile rings to operate uninhibited around the world.

Recent reports have surfaced over the worldwide web concerning celebrities who have been outed as pedophiles. I will not drop names. But some of the biggest stars in Hollywood have been accused of being pedophiles. Most of these people, I grew up watching on television and film. I’m hoping the accusations aren’t true concerning some of the biggest stars, as any public allegation of pedophilia is usually a career-ending claim and also ruins the person’s reputation. However, people who rape and enslave others for exploitative purposes deserve prison. They should not be allowed to walk the streets as free men or [women].

Many Hollywood pedophiles have gone unpunished for so long until they actually thought they’d never face charges for their crimes against children. Many of their victims matured and now feel confident in speaking out against those who harmed them. Time itself has brought these crimes full circle, and now it is time for the victimizers to reap the reward of corruption. Actions have consequences. For every action, there is a reaction. For every cause, there is also an effect. Every decision that one makes carries either a minimal consequence or a huge consequence. Your decisions can also result in good consequences. You have to be prepared to live with the decisions that you make. Because many cannot live with their decisions, they become suicidal or homicidal. Or they’re dependent upon some form of psychotropic drug in order to cope with their own reality.

Right now, reality is looking very bleak for a lot of Hollywood stars whose names are being thrown around on the worldwide web for engaging in illegal sex acts with minors. In California, the age of consent is 18 years old. Some of these people are possibly looking at statutory rape charges in addition to sexual abuse of minors.

Hollywood is where dreams can come true, but it is also where nightmares are made. Beware of those who are offering you the role of a lifetime, but you have to meet them in their hotel room or penthouse suite for a meeting.

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