Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Supergirl: Season 3 Review

Written by Alberta Parish

Although Supergirl exists only in the dreams and imaginations of millions, she is yet a type of savior always coming to the rescue of human beings that are in immediate danger. This season of Supergirl has not disappointed, as the red-caped superhero of National City continues to stop one catastrophic event after another. Human tragedies occur on a global scale, but unlike National City, we have no saviors to fly in and rescue humanity. We have no superheroes or supernatural figures to ensure that true justice prevails throughout the land. As a species, we are left to our own devices. I wish there was a modern-day savior like Supergirl for people that are being oppressed, people that are powerless, people that are dying as a result of violent crimes. The savior they wrote came two thousand years ago has not been seen in real time in these modern days, and has not done anything to save the present human family from the many social ills that currently plague our entire planet. As it stands, we are a dying species. Our societies are corrupt. There is no real justice in an unjust system. Our politicians don't care about us. Mass murders, robberies, and rapes have become the norm. The world really does need a Supergirl whether Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, African, European, Canadian. But this type of savior only exists in the figment of the imagination. Supergirl can never exist in our world, because the world is too satanic to allow her to fly around saving lives, which includes Black lives.

Since crime has always been profitable, Supergirl would interfere with the economy of the local government and crime syndicates because she always fights and stops criminal activity. Just as Supergirl is singlehandedly responsible for lowering the crime rate in National City, Supergirl in one modern American city would also stop white men from continuing to commit mass school shootings. Supergirl would also lower the number of gun-related murders and robberies. I don't know whether Supergirl would stop young Black men from gunning down each other. I definitely don't expect Supergirl to put an end to the system of racism/white supremacy. However, she would stop school shootings. 

Supergirl is only a prototype that represents change in a modern world that could use a real savior. Unfortunately, there will never be any physical saviors like Supergirl. There are no Wonder Womans or Captain Americas or Black Panthers to save the planet from total annihilation. It's just us. The world is chaotic, and is quickly moving toward self-destruction. The air we breathe is poisonous. The food supply is making us ill due to pesticides and other toxins that are used by corporations to preserve and grow vegetation and meats. Many disease-carrying agents come from chemical compounds we consume through food, water, beverages, and pharmaceutical drugs. Millions of children also die from malnutrition and starvation in third-world countries. The time has come to stand up to the powers that got us all enslaved under this current system of racism/white supremacy. Looking for that one savior who is always prophesied to come and vanquish evil isn't going to move us any closer to lowering our national crime rate, or ensuring that real criminals including those in the national government are justly punished, or stopping terrorist activity including domestic terrorism, or ending genocidal programs, or ending the system of racism/white supremacy. 

I'm not optimistic about the future of the United States. In fact, I do not see a good future for America within the next fifty years. Fortunately, I won't be here in fifty years. If we don't do something now to change the trajectory of the United States, I fear many living in fifty years from today will be like the white Jews in Nazi concentration camps from 1941 to 1945. History is always repeating itself. America is bound to repeat the mistakes of the past.

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