Monday, December 11, 2017

The Link Between Early Childhood Development and Emotional Illness

Written by Alberta Parish

As soon as a baby is born, he or she needs immediate medical attention. They need to be cleaned and fed. They need somebody's protection. As they mature, they need to know someone cares about them. They need love, discipline, and guidance. If a child grows up in an environment where he or she is neglected, unfed, abused and unloved, more than likely this child will become a dysfunctional adult. When kids are constantly ignored by their parents, they often do things just to get their parents' attention. Sometimes, these kids end up doing things that cost them their freedom or their lives. I've met a lot of adults that need extra attention, especially men. There are so many adults who are exceptionally needy even more than their own children. If your needs outweigh the needs of your child, that could be a serious issue. When you become a parent, there is absolutely no room for selfishness. You really should not put the needs of yourself above the needs of your child, because you as a parent are responsible for the life of your child. You are responsible for ensuring your child gets fed, clothed, and cleaned daily. You’re responsible for his or her personal hygiene. You are responsible for ensuring that your child is in a safe environment. It is your job to protect your child at all times. You must ensure that your child has a roof over his or her head, and has a warm bed in which to rest.

Even though my mother was a single parent, she always provided a roof over my head, clean running water, a bed, clothes, shoes, food, and safety. She didn't have men coming in and out of her house. She didn't bring all kinds of strange men around me. In fact, I only remember me and my mother always together. My mother only had two girls. However, my sister and I were not brought up together in the same household. I never wanted kids that I had to raise by myself, because I saw what my mother went through. Furthermore, I could not afford kids. I figured that if I wasn’t married, there was no need for me to have any children.  

As long as there is breath in our bodies, we will be a needy people. However, there are individuals that need so much because they didn't get the love, attention, compassion and empathy that they should have gotten from their very first relationships, which involved their parents and siblings (if any). All family ties are important to a child. However, a child’s parents are his or her first teachers.

There are adults that act just like children when they don't get recognized for their achievements, if they're rejected, if they're not receiving attention from their immediate family members, or if they feel like the wife or husband or kids doesn't show them love and attention. You'd be surprised at how many men often feel depressed, because their wives or girlfriends don’t cater to them in every single way. Some people constantly want to be the center of attention. You have to ask yourself, "Why do I need so much attention all the time?" Usually, the answer to your question is that you was ignored and neglected as a child, which is why you crave so much attention as an adult. When people who constantly crave the attention of others are not the center of attention, they often do things to gain attention from their significant other or family. However, the type of attention they often end up gaining is sometimes very destructive.

If a young woman needs so much attention and, as a result, enters bad relationships looking for love in all the wrong places, usually she was neglected or abused as a child by her father or both parents. The father may never have been around for her, or the mother kept him from coming around. My dad passed when I was six years old. I don't remember him coming around all that much before he passed. I know my mother didn’t keep him away from me. I have my dad’s last name. Sometimes, people don’t make an effort to be in their child’s life. Sometimes, people make excuses for why they haven’t seen their child.

Over the years, I've been rejected by people that I believed cared about me. People even tried to get my mom to turn against me, but were very unsuccessful. My mom and I stuck by each other’s side until she passed away. I came to the conclusion a long time ago that people are fickle. They are unreliable. What I realized later in life is I had to find some inner peace. There are people that are still carrying deep levels of emotional trauma, because they have not found inner peace, or they have not forgiven themselves or the persons who harmed them. Some individuals have been greatly traumatized as children, and are currently self-medicating themselves to death through pharmaceutical drugs, recreational drugs, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, and the list goes on and on. When you find true inner peace, you won't worry about whether your family cares about you, or whether your friend is a real friend, or whether that woman or man wants to be with you. The question is why do you care so much about whether somebody else loves you or doesn’t love you? Some people that you’re in relationships with don’t care about anybody except themselves. There are individuals unable to love anyone, because they are self-centered.

Sometimes, people don't want to hear the truth coming from you. They see that you are a real person, and they cannot handle your essence because they see that you're not about any nonsense. They cannot control you. Therefore, they often don’t want to be bothered with you because they know that you’re not easily controllable. They see that they have to be real when they come around you, because they will be exposed if they're not. Some people are unable to handle real people. We live in a world where most people are natural liars. They lie about everything. They're constantly lying on Instagram and Facebook about their finances, relationship status, where they work, etc. Finding inner peace is not easy in a world of chaos. Finding real truth is not easy in a world of lies and deceptions. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find real, straightforward, and honest people.

A lot of people are suffering from childhood trauma. Instead of calling on the Most High for help and guidance, many people would rather pop pills and self-medicate. It’s easier for them to medicate themselves to sleep at night rather than face their demons. Pharmaceutical drugs are the gateway to demonic possession. I truly believe that the people have been cast under a spell through the use of pharmaceutical medicine. Thus, a large majority of Americans today are functioning prescription drug addicts. In fact, the word "pharmacy" originates from the Greek word "pharmakeia," which means administer drugs; poisons; sorcery. You have to ask yourself, "Why are every few commercials about some new drug approved by the FDA that treat depression, anxiety, or sleep disorder?" Depression, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping are symptoms of a chaotic society controlled through the use of mass media as well as social media. There are more depressed teenagers and young adults than there ever has been in the history of the United States of America. Why? I can say with certainty that teenagers who fought in World War II were not as depressed as the majority of today's American teens. Teenagers living today grew up in a world of social media. They also grew up being force-fed pills on a regular basis, which is why many have various psychological and/or emotional problems. Many are unable to cope with the various challenges that life brings to each of us. The ability to reason or resolve issues are difficult for a lot of young adults. The Internet and social media have made many people unable to resolve difficult challenges using their own reasoning powers. Many are unable to interact face to face with each other due to the Internet and social media. A lot of people can talk to others via social media for hours, but when it comes to holding at least a 30-minute conversation face to face with people, many find it very difficult. Like mass media, social media is a tool of mind control programming.

There are some very dark entities that inhabit the Internet. Like the predator pouncing on an unsuspecting victim, many pedophiles and sexual predators hunt for victims using the Internet and various social media accounts. Don’t allow your little ones to be on the Internet and social media for hours upon hours. Many parents do not have a clue what their teenage girls and boys are involved in using the Internet and social media, because they are too busy worrying about themselves and their needs. You have to be vigilant, which means you cannot always be high out of your mind on drugs and alcohol. You have to remain sober-minded, because the society we live in is full of predators that prey on innocent people, especially children.

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