Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sex Trafficking of American Children: A National Epidemic

Written by Alberta Parish

Whenever we hear horrific news stories about sex trafficking, we immediately flinch our eyes and shake our heads in utter disgust and dismay that in 2017 human slavery still exist, as if we as a species don’t already have enough problems to solve such as completely purifying the water in Flint, Michigan to make it consumable by the inhabitants and ending the complete control of the Federal Reserve, an international banking cartel, over our government in Washington, D.C.  Why is child human trafficking a billion dollar industry in America?  Why are there so many people from the high echelons of society entangled in the world of human trafficking including pedophile rings?  What is the underlying psychology of a man or woman who traffic in human flesh?  Is this simply human nature or is it a much more sinister force lurking behind the atrocities committed by such individuals?

            Much of the violence perpetuated against women and children go unreported by the American traditional media just like thousands of pedophile rings, and the massive number of children who go missing in the United States each and every day.  Harvesting healthy organs, child trafficking, and sex trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry that involve sinister figures, many of whom happen to be the heads of state, high-ranking police officials, moguls in the entertainment industry, and heads of major corporations.  But not all rich or well-known persons in politics, entertainment, law enforcement and corporations are involved in these types of human atrocities.

         Although Hollywood is full of pedophiles and Satanists, many famous and others not so famous, not every celebrity is a pedophile and Satanist.  The ritual sacrifice of children and adults are occurring in Hollywood and other parts of the country on a massive scale, however.  It is very hard for those who do not practice these atrocities to not have personal knowledge or an eyewitness account about what happens behind the closed doors of many wealthy estates, private or public.  Whether or not you are just standing on the sidelines watching willing participants involved in these acts; if you know anything at all, you should actively put forth a hand to stop it.  Powerful people with enough money can shut down the pedophile rings in Hollywood and across the United States.  The reason many of them can’t is because they’re heavily involved in the world of human trafficking including pedophile rings.  Many have been compromised by the Satanist organizations they belong to.  Many have also come out of the shadows, and the evidence of their crimes is no longer hidden.  Thanks to social media, events that were once a secret in the world of entertainment and politics have been revealed to the public whether purposely or not. 

            It is my honest opinion that the Satanists in entertainment, politics, law enforcement, education, medicine, corporations and religious institutions do not care if the public knows their sadistic activities.  It is not by coincidence that certain events featuring Satanic and/or Illuminati ritual ceremonies are suddenly broadcast on social media sites such as YouTube.  Satanist organizations (national and international) really feel like God’s people and the Church is no longer a threat to them.  The Church has been weakened through false teachers who are preaching what the people want to hear instead of preaching the truth of the Word of God.  In fact, many Satanists have infiltrated the churches and have introduced New Age philosophical thought, which has absolutely nothing to do with the Four Gospels, salvation from sin, having faith in the Most High, heaven, or hell.  The New Age teachings also called “the Social Gospel” that have been introduced into many churches are mostly about personal well-being, self-gratification and walking into one’s personal/earthly destiny, and have nothing to do with growing into the man or woman that Christ wants us to be, turning away from our sins or walking in the Spirit of love.  Many people in the churches are not being taught the truth of the Word of God and are failing in their faith and failing in loving and forgiving others.  Many are also walking away from the faith due to the downplaying of scriptural teachings.

            Under the New Age philosophical school of thought, Jesus is not even preached as having come in the flesh as a real man who died for our sins on a Roman cross almost two thousand years.  According to New Age philosophy, Jesus Christ is only a concept for which mankind should strive toward.  But this is not the Word of the living God who actually sent His only begotten Son into the world.  Jesus was a real flesh and blood man with emotions.  He was a short Hebrew man with a brown skin tone, because ancient Hebrew Israelites were black people.  He had a mother named Mary, brothers and sisters, and a stepfather named Joseph.  Christ felt pain like any other man.  His heart was broken like any other man.  He was wrongly tried and convicted of a crime He did not commit.  He suffered a horrific death, and He is alive forevermore.  There is no burial place in Jerusalem where Christ’s bones can be found or viewed in a museum, because Christ arose from the dead.  He got up out of the grave so that mankind can be saved from hell, which is a real place in the heart of the earth.  Hell is a land of darkness and where the light is as darkness.  Let no man deceive you about hell not being a literal place.  The Satanists know hell is real, too.  

            All New Age teachings tend to water down the truth of the bible. Subsequently, Satanists are responsible for some of the newer versions of the Bible such as the NIV (new international version), and so forth.  Many people have been turned away from the faith because of false teachers.  Many others have also left the churches, because of the foolishness they see going on inside the churches.  Sometimes, people get hurt in the church by those claiming to be Christians and end up completely walking away from the faith and practicing another religion that reject the true and living God and His Son or they become atheists.  

          Life is full of disappointment and people will disappoint you.  This is why your love for God must be greater than your love for people who are infallible creatures.  People change, often with the seasons.  But the one constant in your life is God who does not change.  The Most High is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  God’s love for humanity has not wavered.  It did not waver when the world crucified the Son of God.  Even in the darkest hour of humanity, God’s love still has not changed for His creation.  But many have been weakened through the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.  All many people care about is money, their house, their job, their car, their children, their mother or father, sister or brother, auntie or uncle, cousins or godparents, nieces or nephews, their pets, their possessions, their retirement plan(s) and social security money, their favorite T.V. shows or movies, their favorite T.V. and film stars or sports figures, their favorite NFL and NBA teams, their favorite fleshly desires, their wife or woman, husband or man, and so forth.  Many Christians put their wife or husband or children before God.  Many have put God on the backburner to satisfy their own fleshly desires.  Many stop going to church because their husband or boyfriend don’t want them to go to church.  They loved their husband or boyfriend more than they loved God.  Or they loved their wife or girlfriend more than they loved God.

            Although the Christian church has been weakened, it has not been destroyed.  The gates of hell have come against the Church, but yet it still stands.  It’s been standing for almost two thousand years.  Every devil in hell and on the earth has tried to destroy the Church, but have been very unsuccessful.  They have, however, weakened the faith of many churchgoers and Christians.  It is written that because iniquity shall abound, the love of many would wax cold in the last days.  Many people are guilty of losing their love for God and people.  True love and true faith in God will get you through any obstacle in your life.  The reason why many fail in their walk with God is because they lack love and faith in God.  The Most High cannot lie.  When God said forgive others so that I may forgive you and you don’t do it, God will not forgive you for your trespasses against Him.  It is very important that we are forgiven by God for our sins against Him.  In order to be forgiven by God, you must first forgive others for their wrongdoings against you.  If you don’t forgive others, it could be the very thing that prevents you from entering the gates of heaven.  This is another reason why many fail in their walk with God, because they don’t love the brothers and sisters in the body of Christ.  It is written in scripture that “he that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.”  This means many Christians are walking around thinking they know God but don’t know God, because many still carry unforgiveness in their heart for someone who has wronged them or they hate another sister or brother in the body of Christ or a family member or a coworker.     

            From the standpoint of any practicing Satanist who views today’s Christian churches as having become weak, he or she no longer fear exposure of their wicked deeds.  They no longer fear kidnapping men, women and children by the hundreds on a daily basis, and committing them to ritual sex abuse or human sacrifice.  In ancient governments, such practices were condemnable by death whose government officials executed the perpetuators.   

            Since Christ came and died on the cross to save men’s lives and souls, everyone now have the opportunity to repent and turn away from such practices.  True judgment will come from the Most High God one day upon such wicked persons who practice human trafficking and sacrifice.  All men everywhere have the opportunity to repent of the evil of their hands, and accept salvation from sin and hell.  It is only a matter of converting your hearts to the Most High God, and accepting the Son of God.  Without the Son, you have not the Father.  Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.”  Choose Jesus today or by default choose Satan.         

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