Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Teen Commits Suicide Due to Bullying

Written by Alberta Parish

          Recently, a 13-year-old boy in Georgia killed himself after being continuously bullied by students at his middle school.  It was stated that he was bullied for two years by students.  As a result, the boy hung himself. 

          The suicide statistics among teens and young adults are daunting as it is a sign of not only emotional illness but a bully culture.  Whether it is the whole of society that produces bullies or bullies are products of their parents and other family members.  No one can really know what is inside anyone’s mind and heart before they decide to kill themselves.  One thing we can all be sure of is the suicide rate among American teens is a staggering example of a culture that really doesn’t care about its own children.  Kids go missing in this country every day due to sex trafficking, slave trafficking, human sacrifice and so forth.  Although the government tries to make it seem like it is going after all pedophiles in America, there are pedophile rings that’s been in full operation for years in the highest echelons of society whose perpetuators will never see one day in jail or prison for the atrocities they have committed.

          Why didn’t the adults do something to stop this boy from being bullied by his classmates?  Why didn’t his mother remove him from the school?  There are many black children who are left to their own devices, because they are missing their fathers in the home.  If the fathers are missing from their lives, this means they have only their mothers to see about them.  But mother can’t really keep a good eye on her children if she has to work a 40-50-hour work week.  I think there is something seriously wrong with a woman who has multiple kids by multiple men, none of whom are in their child’s life.  Who deluded women to think they can be both the mother and father in the lives of their children?  It is impossible for a woman to be both mother and father.  The Most High never designed the woman to play the role of both mother and father.  A lot of unmarried black women with multiple kids are looking for men with money.  She will often pick a man based on what he can do for her and her children monetarily.  Any man who chooses to date a woman with children inadvertently becomes the child’s daddy and provider whether he wants to be in that role or not.  A woman who is struggling to keep a roof over her and her children’s heads will often pick a man based on his wallet and not on his qualities.  The man may not be right for her.  He may be abusive and controlling toward her and her children.  He may not respect her or her children.  He may not ever marry her, because she has a bunch of kids by other dudes.  She wants the financial security, because it’s all about survival.  Let’s face it.  Up to 75% of households in the black community comprise the single mother with multiple kids.  Sometimes, there is a live-in boyfriend.  He is not the child’s father.  Most times, the real daddies are not even in the picture for various reasons.  Much of it has to do with child support issues.  Sometimes, there is a lot of bitterness between the kid’s parents.  Other times, the real daddies are in prison or dead. 
          Whenever a child kills himself especially when it could have been prevented were proper measures taken, it is a clear sign of failure by the adults surrounding him including the parents and other family members.  This kid really did not feel like he had someone he could rely on or someone who truly took an interest in him.  He felt alone with the voices in his head telling him that nobody cares about you, this will never stop, you don’t want to be here anymore, nobody likes you.  This was a soul lost for nothing.  This was a soul that could have been prevented from being lost.  But in this bully culture, most people do not have empathy for others.  Most Americans do not care about their fellow Americans.  Neither do they care how they talk disrespectfully to you or treat you with disrespect.  You see it every day.  Child bullies often grow up to be adult bullies that you have to work with on the job.  If your mom or dad is a bully, how do you handle that?  Do you become like them or choose another path?  How do you handle a sibling who is a bully?  Are you a bully?  If so, why? 
          There is a law that states, “Whatsoever a man sow, that will he also reap?”  Many people truly believe they can bully others, and nothing will ever happen to them as a result of what they did.  They believe they have escaped the harm they’ve done to someone in causing him/her to commit suicide.  This is the average mentality of most bullies.  This is also arrogance.  Only an arrogant person would believe that the evil they do to others won’t somehow have detrimental effects in their own lives.  Although they may want to forget they’ve caused a young boy’s death, their subconscious mind won’t ever let them forget it.  They will probably have all kinds of health issues as they get older due to stress-related problems.  Whenever you are stressed out, your body automatically reacts to stress increasing your chances of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and neurological as well as emotional problems.  When you think you have gotten away with causing another person’s demise, your body and subconscious mind won’t ever let you forget it.  You are responsible for someone’s death!  Therefore, all kinds of bad luck are coming your way unless you ask the family of your victim to forgive you and more importantly do everything you can to atone for the life you have taken.  You must also go before the Most High God and ask for His forgiveness for what you have done.  You cannot ask the victim to forgive you, because he is dead.  But you can make amends to his family.

          Most kids are dumb.  Their brains are not fully developed.  Therefore, many do not have the capacity to understand the magnitude of their actions and decisions, which often end up being lifetime problems.  Kids are not taught how to think for themselves.  They’re taught how to follow the regulations of the school administrators and instructors.  They’re mostly taught how to be followers of others.  Our culture has produced drone-like citizens, many of whom are unable to formulate a full thought on their own without being told what and how to think.  Mass media and social media have shaped the minds of our youth for the worse.  The powers do not want the people to be true thinkers, because they do not want people to ever wake up.  An awakened population is not beneficial to the controllers.  An awakened person perceives the world differently than the average drone-like human.  An awakened people are trouble for their controllers.  Therefore, there is an active war being waged on the mind of every human being, starting with the youth. 

          Most kids want to be popular and fit in.  They want to be one of the cool kids in school.  Instead of many kids standing out from the pack of wolves and not allowing the majority to bully other kids, they often join in and become bullies themselves.  But I blame the school administrators and instructors that are teaching kids to follow the status quo and do as I say and not as I do.  A lot of kids are mean, because their parents are mean to them.  A lot of kids hurt other kids, because someone close to them has hurt them.  There are kids living with abusive parents and their boyfriends who come to school angry at everybody and want to take their frustration out on everybody.  There are kids with severe emotional problems, because they’ve been physically and sexually abused by adults.  There are kids who are physically abused by older kids in the neighborhood and, in turn, they physically abuse other kids.

          I grew up in a single-parent home with a loving mother who had experienced some traumatic experiences in her life.  But she never punished me for her past negative experiences.  This is a woman who grew up in the Deep South, during the Jim Crow era.  She was born during World War 2.  She came up in a time when black people were regularly hanged by white citizens, and there were separate public facilities for black and whites.  My mother was 14 years old at the time 14-year-old Emmett Till was brutally beaten to death by white adult males.  She went to a segregated school.  She was also made to stay home from school to work in the cotton field, because the family needed money.  Her daddy wasn’t working.  She saw Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech.  She witnessed the Civil Rights Movement, and the passing of the Civil Rights Bill.  As a young woman, something very horrible happened to her.  Yet, none of these traumatic experiences turned my mother into a bitter person.  In fact, these experiences made her a loving and kind person.

          Unfortunately, many emotionally and physically-wounded black men and black women take their past experiences out on their children.  I live in a generation in which a lot of parents do not care anything about the well-being of their children.  Many do not possess a nurturing attitude toward their own offspring.  They love everything but their own children.  They love their boyfriends or girlfriends.  They even love somebody else’s children before they love their own children.  They neglect their children for a job and for a man.  They put their children to the side in order to go party.  They do not understand the concept of sacrifice.  Having children means you must sacrifice your time and your own self-will to make sure your children are safe and have what they need.  The concepts of sacrifice and self-denial are lost to much of my generation.

          The teen suicide rate among gay boys and girls are far worse than among heterosexual boys and girls.  There are thousands of gay American teens who run away from home each year, because their families have rejected them.  Many of these kids end up as sex trafficking victims.  Many others go missing and are never found.  A lot of gay male teens are taken advantage of by older gay males in the twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties.  Some of these kids become very tough after they’ve been beat up a few times by bullies in their school.  In fact, a lot of gay teenage males can fight.      
          It is imperative that parents take a very active role in the daily lives of their children.  If you are the only parent raising a child, you may have to take a job with only part-time hours so that you can spend more quality time with your children.  You may need to take a job in which you can work from home.  You need to be able to go to your child’s school, and see what’s going on.  Working a part-time job means you may not be able to buy a new car or go shopping for apparel each week.  But you will know everything that is going on with your children.  As the only parent of a child and working a 40-50 work week, it is impossible to know everything your children are doing.  This is why women should never have children without a husband.  It is not a good idea for women to have multiple kids by multiple men, none of whom are in the home and helping you raise the kids.  A male authority and voice is powerful to a child.  Children sometimes run over their mothers, but they will calm down when their daddy opens his mouth and exerts his authority. 

          The 13-year-old that recently committed suicide probably didn’t have his father in the household.  He probably didn’t trust another man to talk about what he was dealing with at school.  A lot of boys develop mistrust for other men when their daddies abandon them and leave them to fend for themselves.  We must ask ourselves, “Why are men abandoning their sons?”  Is it due to bitterness for the mothers of their children?  Is it because women are actively keeping their children from spending time with the father due to selfishness?  All of this goes back to the concepts of sacrifice and self-denial.  As a parent, you must put aside your pride for the greater good of your children.  You may not like your child’s father, but don’t punish him by keeping his kid away from him.  He may have really hurt you.  But if he wants to be in his child’s life, don’t hinder him.  Men should never give up on their children whether he is still married or attached to his child’s mother or not.  Don’t abandon your children, because their mother is acting crazy.  You may need to get full custody of your children.  Don’t be the parent who wasn’t around if your child end up committing suicide.

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